Fibromyalgia patients turn to controversial Whole30 diet

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There is a new diet trend among some fibromyalgia patients, and it involves eliminating all grains in favor of a high protein menu. The Whole30 diet is being embraced by more people, and its creators claim it can help fibromyalgia sufferers along with eliminating the symptoms of other health problems. The diet is strict, but some patients are reporting positive results.


Dallas and Melissa Hartwig created the Whole30 diet to help people reset their bodies and eliminate health issues in 30 days. Cheating is strictly forbidden on the diet, so if you sneak a cookie, then you must begin the entire 30 day process again. The diet has many similarities to paleo and is meant to challenge the body by removing several food groups.


The Whole30 diet eliminates grains, gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, soy and legumes. For 30 days, you must avoid all traces of these foods or be forced to start the process over. Some people with fibromyalgia claim it has helped them reduce chronic pain and other symptoms, but the diet remains controversial. Many dieticians are opposed to the idea of eliminating entire food groups and are concerned about the impact this could have on a person’s health. For example, they frown upon the removal of all legumes since they are a cheap source of protein for many people and have positive health benefits.

The diet allows followers to enjoy meat, nuts, eggs, seafood and vegetables. Although it is strict, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig claim that the results are worth the sacrifices for 30 days. Followers are encouraged to slowly add the eliminated food groups back into their meal plans after 30 days. However, they should carefully watch their body’s response to each food product because the elimination diet can be useful for finding health problem triggers.

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I have had fibromyalgia now for over 10 years. After I became vegan in January of 2013, I noticed major improvement in pain relief and more increased energy levels. Going vegan is very easy once you make your mind up to do it. It's better for the planet, the animals, your health, the environment and overall the best thing to do in general! Even my doctors at Kaiser are big advocates of plant based eating.
That is awesome!