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Fibromyalgia patients turn to controversial kratom drug

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The leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree are better known as kratom and have been used in traditional medicine. However, several countries have banned the controversial drug, and its use in the United States is being debated. Studies show that kratom is capable of opioid-like activity, and some fibromyalgia patients have been using it to fight chronic pain.


According to a paper from the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), Kratom’s opiate-like impact on the human body comes with several potential side effects that include nausea, confusion, constipation and hallucinations. Higher doses of the drug are associated with more severe side effects, but some patients report no side effects. Kratom is often used to fight pain, and it has also been used to manage opiate addiction.

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The Tampa Bay Times reports that kratom distributor James Morrissette sees many customers who use the drug to manage their fibromyalgia. Customers also believe kratom helps their insomnia and chronic pain. However, Florida is one of several states that wants to ban the drug. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) labels kratom as a “drug and chemical of concern,” but it is not a federally controlled substance. It is available in pills and powders, and some distributors sell it in teas.

Kratom is banned in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Burma. In the United States, kratom is banned in Tennessee, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Florida wants to join the list. Some patients who rely on the treatment for pain management claim they will move to another area that has not banned the drug. A study from researchers in Malaysia and Germany found that ongoing use of kratom can lead to withdrawal symptoms if patients try to stop taking the drug. Researchers also believe it is possible to build a tolerance to the drug.

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Kratom has helped me with the daily pain I have suffered with for 17 years from fibromyalgia when I took myself off the 12 years of low dose opioids for pain in late November, 2014 due to the new regulations. No negative or scary side effects like the media is trying to portray. I would much rather use a leaf from a tree than the highly addictive and dangerous drugs for pain that people are dying from. Reality check please!
Kratom has never caused any side affect for me...other then help me get off the pain pills that made me high and unable to function...not to mention the pain in my liver and stomach Id get after taking my prescriptions.I replaced with one tsp of kratom every morn and evening and am off all perscriotions..including atidepressents and adderal.My pain depression and lack of energy (why i was given aderall) all is better controlled then what the meds did.My kids have there mom back...husband has his wife back...my mood and outlook on life is positive.I am no longer wishing my eyes wouldnt open in the morn knowing I have another day of pain and depression and laying around to look forward to.I am back to work!!! I thank god for kratom everyday.Its natural and my liver and stomach doesnt hurt anymore.Just my experience...
I also use Kratom for pain. It has been a god send for me. My pcp has quit prescribing narcotic pain meds because of the recent restrictions placed on them by the FDA, just like hundreds of other doctors. Fortunately I heard about Kratom from a fellow chronic pain sufferer. I have Fibromyalgia as well as multiple orthopedic problems. Kratom gives me better pain relief than narcotics ever did with none of the side effects I was having from the pain pills. It is no more addictive than coffee or chocolate and way less addictive than cigarettes! (Yes, I'm a former smoker)
I am using Kratom for treatment of Fibromyalgia,Severe Arthritis, and chronic severe pain.I have suffered for over 20 years with the adverse side effects of Pharm drugs making me sicker and sicker. This plant has given me hope and given my life back. I don't care if Politicians are being paid off by the Pharmaceutical companies or all the ego posturing that is going on in Washington.This Plant is a life-changer, and it will not go away because it meets the medical needs of too many people. I will never live without it again!