Fibromyalgia patients could benefit from new infrared workout clothes

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One of the highlights of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was wearable technology to help relieve pain. Now, another company is introducing wearable tech with promises to help weight loss, fight chronic pain and remove toxins. It is a controversial idea, but some fibromyalgia patients are already looking into it.


Vivir claims its new infrared heat workout clothes can offer multiple benefits. It offers a therapeutic wearable that relies on built-in heat to increase the results of a typical exercise routine. Vivir states that wearing its unique line of clothes will help people burn extra calories and lose weight faster. In addition, the company points out there are other advantages for people who suffer from chronic pain because the heat can affect nerve endings.

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Vivir compares itself to a wearable infrared sauna, but it mentions there are some important differences. Unlike a typical sauna, the technology is designed for a person who is exercising instead of relaxing. In addition, it claims it is a safer choice because the Vivaheat heating element can be controlled better. It maintains that the infrared heat only needs a rechargeable battery to last one hour. Currently, the company is featuring a black top and pants with its logo as the first line of fitness apparel with the special technology.

The idea is creating debates among fibromyalgia patients who are interested in wearable technology capable of reducing chronic pain. Vivir is an expensive product with one top costing an estimated $399. Additionally, patients are concerned about controlling the heat settings and feeling too warm in the apparel while exercising. They are also wondering if the pain control claims will actually work for them. However, some people view the clothes as a convenient way to stay warm in the frigid winters.

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The worst thing about Fibromyalgia is that is invisible for others and no one understands your pain.