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Fibromyalgia patient involved in medical negligence lawsuit

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A fibromyalgia patient was recently involved in a medical negligence lawsuit. Dr. Ihor B. Kalicinsky was accused of not following the standards for prescribing opiates to his patients. Although the doctor argued that he followed the standards but simply failed to keep adequate medical records, he selected to retire and give up his license.


Dr. Ihor B. Kalicinsky was accused of medical negligence and inappropriately prescribing opiates. The Fresno Bee reports that he treated two patients with opiates but did not follow the normal standards of care. One of the patients suffered from fibromyalgia and received opiate therapy. The physician was accused of not tracking pain-intensity levels and not screening for potential abuse of the opiate therapy through methods such as doctor shopping. The Medical Board of California mentions that he did not use the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES).

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Dr. Kalicinsky’s attorney denied these accusations and stated that the physician did not keep good medical records but followed the proper procedures and standards for opiate prescriptions. Instead of facing the Medical Board of California for a hearing, Dr. Kalicinsky chose to give up his medical license and retire. His lawyer pointed out that the doctor did not want to go through the hearing, but he felt he could win.

Dr. Kalicinsky was previously involved in a case involving David F. Antosz. The documents reveal that David F. Antosz, who was a pharmacist at Walmart, was accused of illegally obtaining the controlled substance hydrocodone/acetaminophen by using fake prescriptions with fake patient names. He entered these fake prescriptions into Walmart’s system to obtain the drugs for personal use. Dr. Kalicinsky was one of the physicians listed on the fake prescriptions, but he claimed he did not authorize them. David F. Antosz was accused of forging these prescriptions.

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