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Fibromyalgia patient blames Essure on disease

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Tamara Meyers believes her fibromyalgia was caused by Essure implants, and she continues to suffer years after her initial procedure. Meyers is not the first person to report pain and fibromyalgia after getting Essure. During a congressional briefing, Kim Hudak also shared the health problems that appeared after she had the procedure.


Tamara Meyers used to work at Harper Motors, but Essure changed her life, and she worries her energy will never return. The North Coast Journal reports that Meyers was forced to go to the emergency room because of her fibromyalgia. She is one of many patients who report adverse side effects after getting the Essure implants.

Kim Hudak also believes her fibromyalgia and other health problems are connected to Essure. After getting the birth control implants, she developed multiple health problems. Hudak shared her experience during a congressional briefing that gave women the chance to talk about their experiences with Essure. Both Hudak and Meyers eventually had surgery to remove the implants, but their health continues to suffer.

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Meyers stated that she felt pressured by her doctor to get Essure because it was a nonsurgical, in-office procedure that provided permanent birth control. However, she began to develop problems immediately after the procedure, and they continue to affect her life. Patients often report severe pain, headaches, numbness, vertigo, fatigue, anxiety and other symptoms.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to get a correct diagnosis, and many doctors hesitate to blame the implants. Dr. Julio Novoa states, “So you have women going from doctor to doctor to doctor, sometimes suffering daily pain . . . just looking for someone to help them.” Meyers spent months in pain before she was able to get the implants removed. If you believe you have suffered adverse side effects from the device, then you can report it to the FDA through the MedWatch online voluntary reporting form.

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I had Essure and had an allergic reaction to the nickel in the device. 8 weeks after implantation I had them removed surgically. A year after that I had a hysterectomy because metal fragments were left behind. I've had debilitating pain and fatigue throughout this experience, and yesterday I was diagnosed with fibro. I'm just feeling hopeless.
I had Essure placed in April 2010, was dealing with hip pain, migraines, extreme fatigue, body aches & pains by December 2010. Symptoms only got worse, after a several dr apps & blood work to rule out other conditions I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in Sept 2011. I had a hysterectomy & salpingectomy in February 2014 to remove the Essure Coils. Removing the coils did help a lot of issues the coils were causing but unfortunately I still have to live with the Fibromyalgia....
I also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after having the esure done and had an partial hysterectomy but still suffer from fybro... I never linked the two until I read your post please fill me in on research links or any info on this... Thank u soooo much!!!!
Before Essure 2010, I was an avid cyclist, 30+ miles a day. I went hiking, backpacking, repelling, and lead an extremely active lifestyle. Before essure I baked my own breads, I made my own pastas, everything I made for dinner was from scratch. Now I can barely hold a spoon. I'm on so many medications I could open my own pharmacy. Because of essure and the chronic inflammation it causes, I am in the ER at least twice a month. Because of essure I have chronic daily migraines. Because of essure I now have fibromyalgia and lupus. Neither of these run in my family. Because of essure I have lost 20 lbs. 20 lbs I didn't have to lose. Because of essure I am the shell of the person I once was.
Thousands of women are noticing fibro symptoms when their bodies react badly to medical implant materials. It is not coincidence, because our bodies response to foreign body implants, foreign body reaction is consistently the same, how it affects each person depends on genetics factors and environments our bodies are exposed to... why they thought Essure manufacturers thought it acceptable to provoke a foreign body reaction to cause scarring of fallopian tubes with no way to turn the foreign body response (FBR) off once optimal scaring was achieved is beyond my comprehension. Constant FBR weakens and confuses immune systems exacerbating and initiating autoimmune diseases ..... Shame on Bayer!
Although Essure is preempted and no legal action can currently be taken against the manufacturer, many attorneys are working hard to have the preemption overturned based on fraud by Conceptus when applying for approval from the FDA. Keep watching for news that this has been accomplished.
I have had Essure since 2008 and I have watched my health decline more every year. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2013. I have chronic fatigue so badly, it has ruined my life. I cannot be the wife and mother I should be because i am so exausted all the time! I also have back pain, pelvic pain, headaches, hair loss and muscle aches to name just some of my symptoms. I recently put it all together ( thanks to a very helpful facebook page, Essure problems). I am now trying to get a hystorectomy to remove all it all. Essure should be taken off the market! It has caused so many serious health issues, not to mention, unwanted pregnancies.
I had Essure since 2008. Within the first month, I had headaches, severe bleeding, vertigo, etc. I didn't connect the issues to Essure. My medical problems worsened, contstantly sick, severely depressed, anger, absolutely no energy. In 2012 my mother found the essureproblem website and the connection was finally made and I had the coils removed in 2013. I still suffer from illnesses that I believe without a doubt that are a result of essure.
I have been an active member of Essure Problems facebook page for over 2 years. It brings me to tears the suffering that these women are going through every day. The "procedure" is called easy and no side effects. Best method for you the doctors claim and refuse to do regular tying of tubes because your too fat, too old or too sick and of course you have babies so you can't have any downtime. Then of course this requires no anesthesia ..so why did a women die during the procedure..they don't blame essure..the blame the drugs and the doctor. So no one likes to talk about the auto immune reaction from Essure even Bayer shies away from it, however the PET fibers are meant to cause inflammation to block the tubes. The coils that break cause the worse reaction but it is beginning to look like even whole coils may be causing permanent damage. THE device is for permanent birth control which should not deliver a life sentence of pain and suffering. Anyone with auto immune disease should not get Essure because the medications they take are non inflammatory which stops the tubes from blocking. Those that had fibromyalgia or other auto immune diseases that got Essure as they were not told not to get it ,are having increased symptoms. Inflammation is the name of Essures game plan...it needs to be told ..better yet STOP implanting.
I opted for the Essure procedure in 2009 because I had a sensitivity to medication, had given birth to 5 children and I was advised due to a clotting disorder, to not have any major surgeries. This was presented as a safe alternative to tubal ligation for permanent sterilization, and was told there were very minimal side effects but I was healthy so I had no worries. The first attempt implanted one device but the second tube began to spasm, so I had to reschedule a second for the other to be put in place. I then went for my follow up and was told they were successfully in place and that I no longer had anything to worry about. Within a year I began to pass out, have memory and cognitive issues to the point of being unable to hold conversations due to my inability to speak correctly and loss of word recall during sentences as I spoke. Since then I developed a brain disorder where my brain will swell into the lower opening of my skull and can sometimes get pinched off and cause me to pass out along with severe migraines. Some even lasted months with nothing more than relief to the degree of pain but never completely alleviated. I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, tremors, muscle fatigue, skin sensitivity to sunlight and touch, RA, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, severe cognitive issues where my short term memory is shot, I have days I can't get out of bed, and when I do I walk like an 90 year old man. I've had to GPS my way to familiar places I've been a thousand times. I have had other issues including alopecia, asthma that has developed in this time, vision problems, TMJ where I can barely open my mouth without pain, clenching of my jaws to the point of broken teeth, swelling of my guns, tooth pain, hearing issues to need constant repetition from others to understand and comprehend. I am now working with my physicians and specialist to possibly find a plan to remove the devices; as I have a clotting disorder that I was recommended not to have any major surgeries due to the difficulty of stopping bleeding.I also have suffered from severe depression and anxiety due to the pain and multiple issues that I have dealt with in this time, having been unable to work for the last 4 years! Please hear my story because I don't believe anyone else should ever be told this is safe, only to have their life ripped from them. And then left to spend years trying to identify the cause, only to learn that this was not "just getting old" or "some mystery disease" but the results of a device that is assumed to give freedom of choice, only to become enslaved to years of pain!
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 20 years ago the last 15 years i was able to work full time although it was very difficult. Within one month of getting essure i had significant memory issues. Within 5 months i was bed ridden, had to quit my job and file for disability. I am very distressed about the prospect of surgery and possibly not getting my health back to where it was.
I watched my wife health worsen since 2015 in February. This year she has been in the disloyal in and out over 6 times which each visit lead to 1 week stays to now as of 4-15-16 in there for two weeks. I'm so possed at these dr.s they don't want to try to help a patient at all. They claimed she has ITP now they are saying Lupus, all of the side effects she has are in this article and other articles who can I notify to assist us , she is in terrible pain every night and have to get dilitaub every 4 hours . I'm so tired and it's been hard on out family for so long
If your wife has essure, please join the Essure Problems group on facebook.