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Fibromyalgia patient arrested for talking by Cleveland police

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Mariah Crenshaw believes the relationship between Cleveland police and residents is strained. Her own experience with the police led to a lawsuit and a settlement. Crenshaw suffers from fibromyalgia, and she claims her health problems were a joke for the officers who mistreated her in jail.


Mariah Crenshaw’s story begins with a vehicle parked on the wrong side of the street in Cleveland. She admits her daughter was responsible for the parking mistake, but she planned to correct it after dropping off a grandchild. At this point, her story diverges from the one told by police officers at the scene. Crenshaw claims one of the officers, Margery Gerbec, was rude and told her to shut up instead of listening to her explanation. The officer claims Crenshaw was interfering with the investigation and acting in a disorderly way. Crenshaw insists she was arrested for talking, but officers share she was yelling and waving her arms.

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Crenshaw called to complain about the officers’ behavior, but her plan to file paperwork at a station was interrupted by Gerbec arresting her. The grandmother states she was forced into the officer’s car while she was outside her home and taken to jail. She spent 24 hours in a cell before being released and later filed a lawsuit about this incident.

Mariah Crenshaw states she immediately informed the police about her fibromyalgia, but her concerns were ignored. She was forced to spend 24 hours in a cell without heat or a blanket. Crenshaw suffers from chronic pain and soreness related to her condition. However, the officers at the jail mocked her problems and laughed at her tears. The grandmother mentions they seemed proud of making her cry. Although her lawsuit ended in a settlement agreement with a $13,500 award, she has not forgotten the pain she endured in the cell.

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This alleged Fibromyalgia sufferer appeared perfectly capable of running in and out of her house, pacing the porch with her hands in her pockets as if she was harboring a weapon, and running up to an officer of the law and attempting to snatch a ticket book on a metal clipboard out of his hands. She was not only heatedly ranting but she was waving her alleged pained arms all over and ran to her van and attempted to get into the passenger's side of the vehicle after trying to interrupt the issuing of the traffic ticket. The woman was arrested for not obeying a lawful order as well as to cease and desist in interrupting police business. She was engaging in disruptive and aggravated disorderly conduct which endangered the lives of the occupants of the car (her daughter and another unknown occupant male). Along with our lives which were put in danger as the car was positioned in a dangerous way at the exit of a popular drug store. This defendant could have easily waited one minute for us to complete a traffic ticket, however, I believe she thought with her constant badgering and threat to file a complaint against us it would stop us from issuing her daughter a ticket. We not only issued the ticket but we were forced to arrest an alleged "upstanding citizen" who had the nerve, not to mention the strength, to snatch a ticket book on a metal clipboard, from a male police officer. Her alleged settlement was paid by the city as a "nuisance suit." She was suing for 1.5 million dollars. This defendant was an embarrassment to anyone who actually has Fibromyalgia. She was able to move about normally UNTIL she was placed in custody. (NOTE: not even hand cuffed, but simply patted down for weapons for our safety and hers.) This is NOT the poster child you want for Fibromyalgia. She is a fictitious litigator here in Ohio with many law suits in her past and present. Thank you.