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Fibromyalgia patient abandoned by hospital

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Tony Smith feels his hospital abandoned him after canceling his regular pain treatments and refusing to reschedule them. Smith, who lives in the United Kingdom, believes Russells Hall Hospital acted inappropriately. The disabled senior citizen suffers from fibromyalgia, among other health problems, and he is going through withdrawal without his regular treatments.


Tony Smith relied on Russells Hall Hospital to provide him with a five-day course of a lignocaine intravenous infusion on a regular basis. The Halesowen News reports that the 66-year-old suffers from back pain and fibromyalgia. The combination leaves him in excruciating chronic pain, but the infusions helped. After 20 years of receiving this treatment from the hospital, his appointments were canceled to make room in the A1 ward for emergencies. Smith learned the decision was based on creating more beds, but the pain patients who depended on the lignocaine intravenous infusions were forgotten.

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The BBC reveals that Russells Hall Hospital is concerned with meeting targets set for accident and emergency (A&E) departments. Although this explains the decision to focus on having more beds, Smith still feels abandoned. After his appointments were canceled, he was not referred to another center and received little communication from the hospital. The 66-year-old is an active member who raises money for other pain patients, so it is difficult for him to cope with the changes.

Despite numerous calls to Russells Hall Hospital, Smith still does not have a rescheduled appointment or treatment plan. A spokesperson for the hospital claims the treatment will be reduced from five days, so patients can go home faster. However, Tony Smith is left waiting while he suffers from withdrawal symptoms caused by the lack of pain medication. This is not the first time that Russells Hall Hospital is in trouble over a patient suffering unnecessary pain. In a lawsuit after the death of Medina Jones at the hospital, “wound care and pain management” were cited as problems.

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