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Fibromyalgia with migraines raises risk of suicide to high

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A new study from researchers in Taiwan reveals that patients who suffer from both fibromyalgia and migraines are at a higher risk of suicide. Researchers focused on patients who had migraines and comorbid fibromyalgia. They found that those who had fibromyalgia also suffered from more frequent headaches and had lower sleep quality.


The study included 1,318 patients who suffered from migraines, and 10. 1 percent also had fibromyalgia. The results were published in the journal Neurology and reveal that patients who suffered from both disorders had a higher risk of suicide. This included both suicidal ideation or suicidal thoughts and actual suicidal attempts. In addition, researchers noticed that patients who suffered from both fibromyalgia and migraines also reported lower sleep quality, more frequent headaches, higher rates of depression and higher rates of anxiety.

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One of the common symptoms of fibromyalgia is headaches, and many patients report frequent problems. In addition, migraines are also common and affect the quality of life. Previous studies show that patients who have both fibromyalgia and migraines are more likely to report higher pain levels. Several treatments are recommended for patients who have both disorders, and they include medications, exercise programs and dietary changes. Patients may be prescribed antidepressants and other drugs for both conditions.

Migraines may be treated with antidepressants, pain medications and anti-seizure drugs. Experts also recommend seeking alternative therapies such as exercise, meditation and physical therapy. One of the key factors that has helped some patients is lifestyle changes. Identifying and eliminating migraine triggers can help stop them in some cases. Migraines can be triggered by a variety of factors including alcohol, caffeine, citrus, aged cheese and other foods. Fatigue, stress, lights and noise can also be triggers in some people. It is important to identify your personal triggers and keep track of them.

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