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Fibromyalgia linked to hepatitis B vaccine

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A recent study focused on the connection between fibromyalgia and the hepatitis B vaccine. Researchers found that some patients who received the vaccine later showed ASIA syndrome symptoms and suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. There is a link that needs to be studied with a larger group of patients.


The ASIA syndrome is defined as autoimmune/autoinflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants. Adjuvants are substances that are commonly found in vaccines to enhance them by affecting antigens. Essentially, adjuvants can motivate the immune system to kick into high gear after a vaccine. They can vary greatly from inorganic substances to combination products. In the study from Israel, researchers found that some patients had adverse reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine that may have been related to the adjuvants.

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Both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome were reported by some patients after receiving the hepatitis B vaccine. Researchers felt the adverse reactions may have been temporary, but more studies are needed in this area to determine the long-term impact. Although other vaccines have been linked to these autoimmune disorders, hepatitis B seems to be the more prominent focus in medical research.

The hepatitis B vaccine is designed to protect people from HBV (hepatitis B virus) which can cause severe liver damage, cancer and death. It is spread by bodily fluids and other means that can result in either an acute or chronic infection. The CDC estimates 43,000 new cases appear in the United States every year with another 800,000 to 1.4 million chronic cases in the United States. An estimated 350 million people are infected with hepatitis B around the world. The researchers who conducted the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome study do not recommend that people avoid vaccines as a precaution. They carefully worded their study to let patients and medical staff reach their own conclusions.

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I had the vaccine in the 1990's and I have Fibro. I would love to know more about this study.
I had 2 series of HBV because as an RN, I was forced for the first series..a year later I sustained a needle stick and tested no titer to this and the hospital made me get another series..the medical director found out and had a fit and said absolutely no more vaccines of this.It wasn't 2 or 3 months later I got ill and was diagnosed with CFS and Fibromylagia.I'm now on disability after suffering with this for over 20 years. I definitely would like to learn more about this study.
I too was given a series and didn't test for the titre so got another series during nursing school. After each injection I got sicker. Mine started with horrible digestive symptoms that lead to (at this point) over 4 years of uncontrolled diarrhea, exhaustion, pancreatic issues, blood sugar issues, lost function of my left arm, later developed what feels like seizures, I have all sorts of inflammatory issues and have been unable to work for over 4 years. I am just now piecing together the possibility that it's related to my vaccines. I have lost everything including friends and family who think I'm just lazy. I am so angry at the fact that I gave everything to put myself through nursing school as a single mother to make a better life for my son. I worked hard and graduated absolute top of my class... now I'm drowning in student debt and am in deeper poverty than before I started... I've provided a worse life for my son and the thought it may be due to forced vaccines has me pretty angry.
Hi, I would love to talk to you. We have similar stories. I just read about this for the first time last night. It was actually an informational ad on Facebook. I've been reading a lot since then and want to find out more and what this may do to help my case. I was a Registered Dental Assistant for 24 years. My first Hep B series was in 1992. In 2002, i had a Titer test done, it came back that I wasn't protected. So I had to repeat the series (I believe it was negative even after that). I did experience some health issues, but nothing diagnosed then. In 2011, i started not feeling well and by spring of 2012, I was really sick, had to quit working 7/2012. I didn't get a Fibromyalgia diagnosis until April, 2, 2015, I filed right away, but to date, I have no income and I'm separating from my husband, we married 11/11/11, but I went down hill not long after and he isn't supportive at all. So this illness has taken my career, my health and now my husband from me and I have no income. If this indeed is from this immunization that I had to have due to my profession, I am very interested in knowing what my recourse is. Any suggestions? This has ruined my life. I hope to hear from you. I'd be happy to give you my # if that is easier. Thank you, Susan
I had the first 2 of the HBV series while working in a direct patient care role in early 2001. Years later when doing an internship at a hospital for a career field change they insisted I receive a third dose. I'd always associated the start of my Fibro symptoms with my second shoulder surgery in Sept of '04, but in looking at my shot record that 3rd HBV does was in Feb of '05. It would be interesting to see a study like this done in the US.
I had hep b vaccine in the late 90s and again in 2003 . I have suffered with chronic pain since the first jab and got diagnosed with fibromyalgia finally 4 yrs ago after undergoing different investigations for seven years prior to my diagnosis. I would be very interested in learning more. Thanks.
I am a direct patient care worker, and had 3 HBV shots in 2000, in 2004 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I would like to see more studies like this done. I live in Canada. I attributed my pain to a number of back injuries from work, but seeing this study, it makes more sense. Please bring the study to Canada and the US. I would volunteer to be in the study.
I worked as a Medical Secretary but because I did cover reception and assisted the Nurses and was a First Aider I was given Hep B vaccinations for work. The first lot didn't really take and my bt result was only 10, so I had a second lot all so I could work. They then bullied me out of work when I became ill! I'm now nearly divorced and can't work and my husband told me that my illnesses of Fibro and CFS and how I wasn't dealing with them was the final straw hence the divorce. I'm now living alone, on benefits and still struggling with these awful conditions and others and think it is not fair that I have lost everything, family, work, self esteem, strength etc possibly all because of a vaccine! I would be very interested if they could prove this, then many of us who have worked caring for people in our work can claim compensation from the employers to forced this upon us. I definitely want to know more. I would also like to wish all those suffering with Fibro or CFS/ME or similar conditions all the best and let you know that you are not alone as there are plenty of us out here around the world suffering just like you. Lots of Love Chris xoxo
I was diagnosed with fibro about 4 years ago and like so many people struggled with the every day chores. I have just had my Hep B vaccine and after reading the article about how Hep B my be the cause of fibro wondered if I should expect any ill effects on my condition ?
I was totally fine fit as a fiddle until I had the hep b injections them all my fibro symptoms happened after I had hep b course 10 years ago just been diagnosed with fibro took a long time for my diagnoses
I live in uk I had hep b vaccine course 10 years ago working in health care profession I have been poorly ever since and just diagnosed with fibro I am very interested to see the research to this link of fibro and hep b, fibro is a very horrible condition that effects your whole life tremendously I have not worked for 4 years now due to this illness.seen numerous consultants tried all kinds of pain relief physio hydrotherapy traction tens machine I am on currently on a list to see accunpuncture nurse see if that works did it work for anyone ?
I was a very healthy 63 year old who hiked 40 to 50 miles / week. I had two of the Hep B shots and my life changed in an instant. Unable to walk more than 5 minutes now and it has been almost 4 years. I will say last year, for some reason, I did better and was walking about 2 miles some days. There is no question that this was caused by the vaccines. The only question that remains is will it ever disappear.
I have fibro and notice that many of the women in forums are healthcare workers, so this makes sense!
Hi the same thing has happened to me, I've only worked in healthcare for over a year and I've had the 3 hep b vaccines followed by a booster as didn't have enough immunity. The same time my health has just got steadily worse I can't walk any distance without being in pain and the next day getting post exercise malaise which is disabling as I'm in pain and to fatigued to do anything or even care. My first dr ignored my visits but I kept on as knew there was something wrong I have since been diagnosed with CFS with fibromyalgia I feel there could be a link as I'm a mess cut hours down to 22.5 but still can't cope with those as I'm a mess the 48 hours after. The list for both CFS and fibro was basicly a list off my daily life (every symptom ) I never had pain like it and it come from no where My life is a daily struggle and dull because off the fatigue as I'm to tired. I am going to mention this to the OH at work and see what they think as I've gone from being relatively fit as walked everywhere to feeling 100 years old and the brain fog makes me look like I'm not firing on all cylinders and it has been an embarrassment and quite frightening at times. Keep me posted as I am interested