Fibromyalgia linked to heart disease in new study

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A new study has found a link between fibromyalgia and coronary heart disease after comparing patients with the condition to control groups. Researchers from Taiwan discovered that there was an association between the two disorders, and fibromyalgia patients were more likely to have heart disease. The study sheds light on the frequent problems people with the disease face


Fibromyalgia patients often complain about heart palpitations, chest area pain and heartburn. However, these symptoms are sometimes ignored if there is no current heart condition or history of heart problems. Now, researchers from Taipei report that people with fibromyalgia have a higher risk of having coronary heart disease. They used the Longitudinal Health Insurance Database to compare patients to control groups without the disease and discovered the association.

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There have been various suggestions for why fibromyalgia patients are more likely to have heart disease. Some patients believe there may be a genetic cause while others think the progression of the disorder weakens the entire body and leads to more problems. Researchers do not have a clear answer at this time and continue to study the link between fibromyalgia and coronary heart disease.

Women are more likely to suffer from fibromyalgia, but they many not experience the traditional heart disease symptoms seen in men. Unfortunately, the two conditions have intertwining symptoms that make a diagnosis even more complex. Considering the difficulty some patients have in getting their doctors to understand fibromyalgia, it is not surprising that other health problems may be overlooked in the process. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are not always good indicators of future heart issues, so it is important to ask questions during your medical appointments. If you suspect you may be suffering from both fibromyalgia and coronary heart disease, then speak to your doctor about possible treatment plans.

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Would be very interested following this because I have fibromyalgia and my father had heart disease. Thank you for the info.
I have Heart disease and Fibromyalgia and Heart disease runs through my family. Should i tell my Heart Doctor about this article?
I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) 4 years ago (secondary to unknown cause). Having problems with leaking valves and advanced atherosclerosis. Had pneumonia and went into left heart failure in Aug 2016. At the moment I am looking into the possibility that the extreme fatigue, severe reactions to strong smells, breathlessness, problems with falling and staying asleep, unexplained tender points, chest pains, double vision, sudden fall of blood pressure with dizziness and fainting spells, palpitations and arrhythmia's could be linked to Fibromalgia and it's worsening the symptoms of PH.
I had a echocarigrah and the man said my heart was a bit swoolen and red on one side but said my heart was working ok so what does this mean. Thank You for your time.Hazel Boon I am 69yrs old.
Hi Hazel: What did your doctor say? Was the report from the technician onlyso far? There is not any way to see "red" on an echocardiogram, so that is a little confusing. The heart "working ok" is definitely good news.
I have fibro and CFS. I have heart palpation all the time :(
I have had multiple blood clots in 2007 and another one in 2009. Then in 2014 I suffered a major heat attack. They did bypass surgery after discovering a 95% blockage. I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Should I make a appt with my cardiologist to let him know about my Fibromyalgia?
I have had palpitations all my life, now diagnosed with SVT, have had chest pain for two years, classed as costochondritis, and am on medication for heartburn. Oh and I also have fibro. I guess this study has some merit!