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Fibromyalgia gift ideas for the holidays

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It is not easy to find the perfect gift for fibromyalgia sufferers. Most of them would prefer that you bring a cure for chronic pain or other symptoms of the disorder. Unfortunately, Santa seems to have left these things off of his list. However, there are presents that can help them manage the condition and brighten their holidays at the same time.


One of the frequent complaints from people with fibromyalgia is the inability to get warm or stay warm during colder weather. Heated blankets, throws and pillows can make their lives easier while helping you cross them off the shopping list. In addition, you may want to consider other types of heated products such as neck pads or shoulder wraps. Hand and foot warmers are also useful for staying warm while outside.

Although the cold is often the enemy, some fibromyalgia sufferers have problems with the heat. They may benefit from gel or other types of cooling products. You can find cooling wraps, personal fans and ice packs. An ice pop maker is another fun option that will allow them to save money on popsicles and ice cream.

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Sleep problems are another common issue for people with fibromyalgia, and medications may not work. You may want to consider buying eye masks or soothing nighttime music collections for them. A white noise machine is also useful for people who have trouble sleeping. Blackout shades are a different option because they can help eliminate all the light coming from a window.

Purchasing a gift is not the only way to assist a person with fibromyalgia, and you may want to ask if other help is needed. Do they have problems cooking, cleaning or driving? Are they struggling to maintain a schedule and are missing important appointments? Volunteering to help them around the house or driving them to a meeting may be the best gift they receive all year.

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