Fibromyalgia diagnostic test from EpicGenetics remains controversial

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A fibromyalgia diagnostic test from EpicGenetics is still controversial and part of ongoing debates. The FM/a Test, also known as the FM Test, offers to diagnose fibromyalgia through a blood test. However, researchers have criticized it and questioned its accuracy.


The FM Test from EpicGenetics use several biomarkers and focuses on chemokine and cytokine. The test costs $744, and some doctors question the results while some insurance companies refuse to cover it. A doctor’s request and authorization is required to order the test, and most patients are forced to pay for it on their own. EpicGenetics claims it is 93 percent sensitive and more accurate than diagnostic tests for other disorders.


Patients frequently report problems in getting a diagnosis and state that some doctors do not listen to them. Some research has indicated that fibromyalgia patients can have lower levels of chemokine and cytokine, and the FM Test relies on these changes. However, the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at the University of Michigan points to studies that have shown the opposite is true. The center believes that using chemokine and cytokine levels may not be a reliable way to get a diagnosis.

The FM Test is still considered to be controversial, so many doctors refuse to use it. This leaves fibromyalgia patients with the old problem of getting an accurate diagnosis. The condition has multiple symptoms including fatigue, depression, chronic pain, headaches and other problems that can be misdiagnosed. Patients frequently report that they are forced to go to multiple doctors and specialists before someone believes them and figures out their issue. Researchers want a simple blood test for fibromyalgia to exist, and they hope that more studies will help develop an accurate test.

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