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Fibromyalgia couple robbed of joy by local thieves

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Lynne and Mike Wheeler suffer from multiple health problems, and their issues recently became worse from additional stress. The elderly couple was robbed in West Sussex, located in the south of the U.K., and their ability to participate in the only hobby that still brings them joy has been affected. The thieves stole all of their fishing equipment, and police are still searching for the suspects.


Lynne and Mike Wheeler explain that their health does not allow them to do many activities anymore, so fishing is the only thing left that brings them happiness and gives them a chance to spend time outdoors. Mike suffers from polymyalgia and osteoarthritis, so pain and stiffness are a common problem for him. Lynne has fibromyalgia, but she shares that the stress of the robbery has affected both of them. Their health is now worse as they deal with flare-ups.

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The Wheeler couple is considered disabled, but this did not stop criminals from attacking the shed and stealing more than $1,000 worth of items. The couple lost all of their fishing equipment which included valuable rods, tackles, hooks and other pieces. They have spent more than 30 years building up their equipment, so the loss is difficult for them. Although some items have been recovered after the thieves abandoned them, the couple is still missing many things. In addition, Lynne and Mike Wheeler are living in fear that the thieves will return to steal more from the shed.

The Wheelers are considering contacting their insurance company if the rest of their belongings are not recovered. However, the stress has made it difficult for them to reach decisions. It is not uncommon for people who suffer from fibromyalgia to have flare-ups due to stress. Unfortunately, there are situations that cannot be avoided, so the Wheelers are trying to recover slowly.

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