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Fibromyalgia advice from a chiropractor

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Fibromyalgia continues to baffle the medical community with complex symptoms, difficult diagnoses and unknown origins. The disease is characterized by widespread pain that often forces patients to seek help from chiropractors. One chiropractor believes there are several factors that can be changed in a person’s lifestyle to either reduce the likelihood of developing the disorder or reduce the symptoms once the disease is already present.


Seth Bower, a chiropractor who often sees fibromyalgia patients, has specific tips to help people with the disease. In addition to the usual risk factors, such as obesity and stress, associated with the disease, Bower sees other factors play a role in fibromyalgia. He focuses on smoking and diet as two areas that can be changed to produce positive results.

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Bower connects smoking to constricted blood vessels and poor muscle function. People with fibromyalgia often experience muscle weakness and pain, and smoking can aggravate these issues. In addition to putting the cigarettes aside, he suggests that aerobic exercise can help relieve symptoms. This may not provide a cure, but it has been shown to help some patients.

Diet is another important factor that affects fibromyalgia, and he has the typical advice of avoiding processed foods. However, he also notes that some patients who drastically changed their diets to avoid all sugar, wheat, dairy and corn experienced less pain and fewer fibromyalgia symptoms. Foods commonly linked to inflammation in the body have a negative impact on patients, so diet changes are sometimes helpful. Some patients report that certain foods can trigger their symptoms, and the common allergens are frequently cited. However, gluten, wheat, dairy and eggs are not the only source of the problem. MSG, aspartame and other products have been linked to fibromyalgia, so each patient is encouraged to talk to a doctor before making diet adjustments.

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After suffering with Fibro since at least 1998, I finally went to a NUCCA chiropractor in desperation. I'd been able to get to a better place through nutrition, but was still suffering quite a lot. After 10 weeks of chiro care, I feel a zillion times better. My pain is very manageable, my digestive system is near healed (many of my FODMAP "allergies are resolved), I am sleeping wonderfully, and am able to work full time easily (though I am more tired at the end of the day than a non-fibro individual). I am actually writing a book about my transformation... But in the meantime, I urge everyone who suffering with fibro to seek out a NUCCA chiropractor. They will change your life for the better!!