Feeling great every day with easy diet tips for the holidays

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It is one thing to be on a diet for a definite period of time and see positive weight loss results, but after the diet period is over, maintaining the weight loss can become difficult for some people as they try to cope with daily life. Most people can lose weight by being extremely stringent during their diet phase. However, once they have reached their goals, they tend to fall back into their old ways and regain all the lost weight, sometimes even more.


If you have finally decided to lose weight once and for all, do not limit yourself by using torturous dieting, obsessive counting of calories and ignoring hunger pangs. By adopting healthy eating habits and a simple exercise regime, you can begin to make small changes to your current lifestyle. Not only will you be able to maintain your feel-great-weight, but you will realize that the simple everyday ways of keeping your weight in check can become part of your daily life.

Eat regularly

It appears to be a counter intuitive move, especially if you are on a quest to lose weight, but eating more often can help you lose weight. You should aim for three small healthy meals a day and two tiny power snacks between meals to ensure that you are getting your daily nutrition. Some experts recommend eating every three hours to prevent overeating later while keeping your metabolism in great shape.

Avoid indulgences

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It is hard to say no to delicious cupcakes, cheesy bites, buttery spreads and other unhealthy treats. However, an easy way of cutting down calories from your diet is by nixing these extras from your daily menu. Instead, these can be enjoyed once or twice a week, and you can substitute extra vegetables, dill pickles, mustard and other options to add flavor to your dishes. You can find healthy swaps for your favorite high-fat ingredients.

Get to know your oven more often

Roasted vegetables are an easy addition to any meal, and they can be stored in the refrigerator as a snack or a quick side dish. You can also make baked versions of your favorite chips by using kale, zucchini and potatoes. If you make extras, you will always have a healthy and satisfying food option ready for snacking.

Get organized with calendars

You can organize your daily activities with the help of online or mobile calendars but make sure your exercise schedule is included. By including it in the calendar, you will be motivated to stick to your exercise workout every day. You can also add email reminders for each exercise or add alerts to your phone.