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FDA cautions public about fake decorative contact lenses

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Decorative contact lenses can be a fun way to change your look without a long-term commitment, but the FDA has issued a new warning about fake lenses on the market. There are beautiful lenses available from multiple brands that are safe. However, the fake contact lenses must be avoided because of potential eye problems.


The fake decorative contact lenses can cause a variety of health problems including eye infections and allergic reactions. Federal agents have already confiscated 20,000 fake decorative contact lens pairs and believe there are more products still for sale. They are available at a multiple retailers including salons, beauty shops and online merchants. The FDA warns that the fake lenses have not been inspected and could be harmful for people to wear.

Decorative contact lenses are a popular way to transform the eyes because they can be found without a prescription. However, the FDA reminds consumers that buying or selling them is illegal, and only approved lenses obtained with a prescription should be worn. Consumers who want to wear decorative contact lenses should talk to their eye doctor since there are many safe options from brands. In addition, consumers can read reviews of contacts online to find the best approved lenses.

Some people argue that they do not need a prescription and only want to alter their look with decorative contact lenses temporarily. Nevertheless, they must still proceed with caution because the FDA has found several problems with the fake lenses. First, they claim to be one size fits all, but everyone has different eyes, and the wrong fit can create issues. One of the most common eye problems is scratches to the cornea. Infections and pink eye can also develop from wearing the wrong type of contact lenses. In severe cases, it is possible to have permanent damage and blindness. It is crucial that consumers consider their health while they think about beauty.

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Although you can safely obtain decorative contact lenses from a doctor and many retailers, some people turn to cheaper and riskier options by purchasing lenses from unapproved sources. The FDA has found contact lenses being sold in a variety of locations ranging from convenience stores to flea markets. This has made confiscating the fake lenses a difficult process without a clear end.

Despite the difficulties, the FDA, ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Protection have revealed that operation double vision is helping to reduce some of the fake contact lenses, and they have found 20,000 pairs. People think they can make a fashion statement without spending a lot of money, but they are putting their eyes at risk. The lenses may be tempting at a price of $10 to $20, yet the health consequences can be devastating. The beautiful green contacts you get from a cheap salon can lead to a lifetime of issues, so they must be purchased from a safe location. In addition, the FDA recommends that consumers learn how to take care of their lenses and keep them clean by speaking to their eye doctor.

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Image: Gioblecch/Wikimedia Commons