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Family being deported because of autistic child: Maria Sevilla reveals details

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A family is being deported in Australia because of an autistic child and is considering the appeals process. Maria Sevilla’s son, Tyrone, has autism, and her visa application was recently rejected. Government officials made it clear in the denial that Tyrone was viewed as a burden on the health system and not wanted in the country.


Maria Sevilla is originally from the Philippines, but her son only spent the first two years of his life in the country before arriving in Australia. Sevilla has a degree in nursing and is capable of providing for her autistic child with a stable position at Townsville Hospital. She states her child has grown up in Australia and does not belong in the Philippines. However, her visa application was denied since he failed the health requirement, and she is fighting to stay in the country.

Tyrone Sevilla is only 9 years old and has a nonverbal form of autism, but his mother explains he is not a burden and can understand English. He is able to read, attend school and do other normal activities. She has created a petition to challenge the visa rejection because the government only gives her 21 days to appeal before deportation. She does not believe the Philippines is the right place for Tyrone since he cannot understand the language or be surrounded by supportive family.

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Maria Sevilla has almost no relatives left in the Philippines after the majority of her family relocated to Australia. She believes being separated from them will have a devastating impact on Tyrone. The mother points out they have private health insurance, so the government is not paying for her autistic son’s care. She hopes her petition will cause enough of a stir to change her visa because she cannot imagine leaving Australia.

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Sevilla should be sent home there are now around 4000 registered nurses who are unemployed give her job to one of them' rather than a international student who never intended to go back to the Philippines in the first place as most of her family is here i hope there is an investigation to see why Sevilla was employed when so many recently qualified nurses cant get work. this appears to be some type of scam if there is a nurse shortage fine then maybe consider her but there is not .My heart goes out to the little boy but if you bend the rules for this type of thing that was assessed by Qualified medical authorities & the visa aplication was rejected this would just open the floodgates to many others not just in the area of autism but many other medical conditions the health system is stretched to the limit already