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Fake charity for autism wastes money on ridiculous purchases

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fak autism charity

Investigators have uncovered another fake charity for autism that wasted funds on personal purchases instead of the promised services. Brandie Christian and Joshua Hani are accused of running a false charity and using the money collected from donors to buy ridiculous items that they claimed were for the children.


Brandie Christian and Joshua Hani founded the Autism Outreach Foundation and claimed that it would help needy autistic children by paying for their services. The charity was able to collect $400,000 in Seattle, but investigators have discovered that only $4,000 was actually used to help children. The rest of the money was wasted by the couple on multiple purchases and personal payments.

The married couple claimed that the items they were buying would help autistic children, but it was easy to discover that they were actually using them for personal means. For example, the couple purchased expensive women’s shoes and designer jeans that were clearly meant for adults. Christian and Hani also used the money to travel, and there was never any indication that these trips or purchases went to help autistic kids in Seattle or other locations.

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Brandie Christian has been involved with a fake autism charity in the past, and she was once part of Autism Awareness United. This organization was also shut down for using the donations inappropriately. Most of the money collected for the Autism Outreach Foundation was from people outside of stores, and they even accepted credit cards. The donations were supposed to help pay for the behavioral and other services for children with autism who could not afford them. Instead, the money was spent by the couple, and the other people working for the charity lied to investigators on several occasions. This fake charity proves that donors must evaluate an organization before giving money or time.

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