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Erase extra body fat with the right workouts

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extra body weight loss

Weight loss is a popular goal, but many people realize that they also want to lose the extra body fat and build muscles. If you are not careful, you can end up with flabby, loose skin after weight loss, and your muscle definition can also disappear. You can get rid of the extra body fat with the right exercise routines.


Why diet is not enough

Unfortunately, diet is not enough to build muscles and eliminate excess body fat. Although diet should be part of your weight loss plan, you cannot rely on it to give you a chiseled or lean look. The only way to achieve this is through workouts and specific training programs.

However, you have to watch your diet and make sure you are getting enough calories. It may seem counterintuitive, but a drastic cut in your calories can actually hurt your weight loss goals. Your body needs a certain amount of calories each day to function properly and build lean muscles. The amount of calories you need will vary based on your lifestyle, height, weight and other factors. You can actually lose muscle mass if you are not getting enough calories.

SSP Training

SSP Training refers to Stabilization, Strength and Power, and it is designed to help build muscles, reduce body fat and create a chiseled look. The Masters Hammer and Chisel by Beachbody focuses on SSP because it is the type of workout that can erase the extra body fat that affects your appearance. The program includes the entire body, so you do not end up with an exaggerated or unnatural look.

The resistance-training workouts from the Masters Hammer and Chisel are intense and focus on strength, flexibility, stability and endurance. The routines include plyometrics, jump training, tempo training, isometric holds, resistance training, pyramid-style sets, cardiovascular resistance routines and power lifting.

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Increase aerobic activity

Research has shown that aerobic activity can help you lose excess body fat. Some studies suggest that you need at least 60 minutes of aerobic exercise a day to see results. The CDC points out that adults need a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise each week to stay healthy. However, you can schedule the workouts throughout the week and break them up into small chunks.

Aerobic exercises are also known as cardio training, and the key is to have your heart pumping quickly. Running, biking, dancing, playing tennis and other activities count as cardio workouts. The more intense exercises will force your body to burn more calories and lead to faster body fat elimination.

Add resistance training

Resistance training is a crucial part of any weight loss or body fat reduction goal. It is important for building your lean body mass and can help you achieve a sculpted look. These workouts should focus on your entire body, so you get maximum results. In addition, you want to use interval training to your advantage and add rest periods.

Resistance bands and weight lifting are some of the most popular training methods. Some of the most common exercises include planks, straight leg raises, arm raises, side planks, squats and leg abductions. Depending on the routine, you will have different sets and holds that will force your muscles to work.

If you are trying to lose extra body fat and tone your entire body, then focusing on your diet is not enough. You have to incorporate the right exercise routines into your daily and weekly schedules to see results. You may want to consult a doctor, trainer or medical professional before you start a new exercise program. You can change your body, but workouts are part of the solution.

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