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Eliminate exercise pain with these unusual tricks

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What would you be willing to try to get rid of your pain, so you can exercise again and lose weight?


Exercise is a key tool in helping you lose extra weight and create a leaner look. However, pain is a frequent problem and can stop you from being able to work out every day. You have options beyond doing low-impact exercises and using medications or topical muscle creams. The pain does not have to be an obstacle to your goals, and you can use the following tips to get back in the gym.

1. Change your mattress

Pain can make your weight loss motivation fade, but sleep can help you get it back. Your mattress can play an important role because sleep can help your muscles recover and reduce your pain. A high-quality mattress can provide support that allows you to get the necessary rest.

Although conventional mattresses are one option, you may want to consider other alternatives. If you are dealing with pain, then you may want to evaluate the reviews of the best air mattresses and find one that works for you. Some people have been able to find relief with new durable and comfortable air mattresses that do not leak air and allow you to adjust firmness.

2. Drink cherry juice

Research shows that cherry juice can help you fight pain and muscle soreness. A study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports found that tart cherry juice helped marathon runners recover faster from muscle damage, oxidative stress and inflammation. Cherries have antioxidants that can reduce the oxidative damage in your cells.

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3. Take an Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt, which is also known as magnesium sulfate, is a popular home remedy, but research also backs up its benefits. Studies show that Epsom salt baths can help you reduce muscle aches and pain. By soaking in a warm bath with magnesium sulfate, you can eliminate stress and soreness. In addition, it can help with inflammation because it is absorbed through the skin.

Epsom salt is easy to find in most pharmacies and stores, so you do not have to hunt for this remedy. It is a post-exercise pain reliever that can help your return to the gym faster. The combination of the warm water in the bath with the magnesium sulfate can be enough to relax and soothe your muscles.

4. Try swearing

Studies reveal that swearing can actually help you eliminate pain and produce a numbing effect. By swearing, you increase your pain tolerance and start the fight or flight response. This allows you to tolerate the pain and get through it. Although you should not use this method around children, you may want to try it if the pain is out of control, and medication is not helping.

Exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy, but pain can make it difficult to stick to a consistent routine on a daily basis. If you can reduce or eliminate the pain, then you are more likely to work out every day and lose weight. You may want to try these tips the next time your muscles are sore and ache too much for you to run.

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Never knew cherry juice would help. Thanks for the tips :)