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Dr. Oz 21-day weight loss breakthrough diet details

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Have you considered trying the new Dr. Oz weight loss diet challenge, and are you wondering about the details of the plan?


If you are struggling to lose weight and tired of fad diets that do not provide long-term results, then you may be interested in the new Dr. Oz 21-day weight loss breakthrough diet. This plan is designed to help you shed the extra pounds without feelings of starvation or deprivation. The following details will help you start the plant-based diet.

What is the 21-day weight loss breakthrough diet?

The 21-day weight loss breakthrough diet is the latest strategy to lose weight from Dr. Oz and involves a plant-based meal plan. However, you can forget about eating boring salads or steamed vegetables every day. Instead, this plan is similar to the flexitarian diet and simply limits animal protein and dairy to two times a week.

What can you eat on the Dr. Oz diet?

The 21-day weight loss breakthrough diet consists of three meals and two snacks a day. However, you are allowed to eat an unlimited number of vegetables. In addition, you do not have to count calories or worry about fat content because the meal plan is designed to be flexible yet filling. Dr. Mehmet Oz shares that this is not an instant how to lose weight fast plan, but you will see results at the end of the 21 days and may also notice less bloating.

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Dr. Oz diet plan:

Breakfast: Oolong tea, healthy fat and fiber such as toast with avocados
Mid-morning snack: 1 serving of fruit
Mid-afternoon drink: Oolong tea
Lunch and dinner: 3 servings of power plant protein, healthy fat and unlimited nonstarchy vegetables. You should make sure to include half of an avocado, 1 serving of whole grains and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
Second snack: 1 serving of fruit and 1 ounce of nuts or 1 tablespoon of nut butter

The diet does not allow processed foods, junk food, artificial sweeteners or sugar. In addition, meat and dairy are limited to twice a week. The power plant proteins are defined as beans, legumes, tofu, tempeh and seeds. The list of nonstarchy vegetables is long and includes broccoli, celery, radishes, onions, leeks, tomatoes, turnips, cabbage and others.

Can you skip the snacks?

One of the most frequent questions about the diet is whether or not you can skip the snacks. Dr. Oz mentions that the fruit is meant to stop sugary cravings for other foods and keep you satisfied during the day. He mentions they are specifically designed to be part of the diet, so you do not want to skip them or lump them together with your meals.

If you are trying to lose weight and getting tired of not seeing results on the scale, then you may want to try the Dr. Oz 21-day weight loss breakthrough diet. It focuses on a plant-based meal plan that does not force you to count calories or worry about adding special sauces and herbs.