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‘Doctor in the House’ addresses fibromyalgia problems

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It is not often that people who suffer from fibromyalgia see their health problems addressed on television shows. However, “Doctor in the House” is challenging the usual coverage of common diseases on TV by presenting an episode that deals with fibromyalgia. Eileen Callaghan discovers that her self-diagnosis was correct and learns how to handle the condition.


“Doctor in the House” follows Dr. Nina Byrnes, Dr. Sinead Beirne and Professor Niall Moyna as they try to help patients by visiting their households. The Irish television show provides families the opportunity to have professionals assess their health and offer them a real plan to improve it. The medical experts return after eight weeks to evaluate the families for results.

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The latest episode of “Doctor in the House” features Eileen Callaghan and Peter Whelan seeking help as they consider starting a family in the future. Eileen Callaghan thinks she has fibromyalgia, and the doctors confirm her disorder after the examinations. However, this is not the only health problem they find that may make it difficult for her to start a family. The doctors inform Eileen Callaghan about her high cholesterol, diabetes risk and weight issues. They are concerned that she is overweight and not taking care of herself.

It is common for patients to have multiple health problems in addition to fibromyalgia similar to Eileen Callaghan’s case. There are multiple reports of weight gain and high cholesterol among people who suffer from fibromyalgia. Although “Doctor in the House” is a European television program with limited broadcasting, it is still a positive step to see medical professionals address fibromyalgia and discuss the condition instead of ignoring it. There are too many complaints from patients who feel overlooked by their doctors if they try to bring up the disorder, so raising awareness around the world is important.

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I congratulate this Irish TV show which addresses Fibromyalgia as a real disease. Around the world and especially in the United States, treating our disease and the stigma it brings shows that it may take years before we are taken seriously.