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Deadliest melanomas found in specific parts of the body

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Melanoma skin cancer

A new study focuses on the deadliest melanomas that have been labeled as high-risk for patients. Researchers have discovered that tumors with high mitotic rates have an impact on how quickly doctors can find them. Now, they hope their findings will help improve the rate of melanoma skin cancer diagnosis.


Mitotic rate refers to the cell division of the tumors in skin cancer or melanoma. Researchers have found that the deadliest melanomas are located in specific parts of the body: the neck and the head. In addition, men who have spent many years exposed to the sun are more likely to have the high-risk skin cancers with elevated mitotic rates.

The research published in JAMA Dermatology reveals that there are several important characteristics to note about tumors with high mitotic rates. They grow quickly, but many of them remain without any color. Additionally, they were more likely to occur in older men who had high sun exposure during their lifetimes.

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Researchers included more than 1,000 patients in the study to obtain information about their skin cancers. They hope that the information they have discovered will help doctors save more people and attack high-risk melanomas with a more aggressive approach. However, they also want to remind everyone that skin cancer may be preventable, and there are steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of acquiring it.

The latest news on high mitotic rates among skin cancer tumors will help with diagnosis, but people can also keep in mind the following information. Exams done by the individual and medical professionals are one of the easiest ways to catch melanoma in the early stages and treat it before it becomes deadly. It is important to look for any changes in moles and consult a doctor if they appear. In addition, it is crucial to limit sun exposure and protect the skin while outdoors.

Image: Abdur Rahman Al Mamun/Wikimedia Commons



The skin is an organ of elimination. If the accumulation of toxins under to derma becomes too great, cells mutate in order to survive. Skin Cancers and Melanoma are caused by an Impaired immune system. The immune system is the body's natural defense system that helps fight infections. An impaired immune system does not work properly and cannot effectively protect a person against infection. Some conditions and medicines weaken or impair the immune system. These may include: Alcohol or drug abuse or withdrawal. Certain diseases or conditions. Diabetes, cancer, or conditions in which the body mistakenly identifies its own tissues as harmful. Allergies. The most allergenic substances are dairy, peanuts, MSG, food dyes, Chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Some medicines, such as corticosteroids or those taken to suppress the immune system after an organ transplant. Surgery to remove the spleen (splenectomy).