Create the home gym of your dreams with these easy tips

Oct 17 2016 - 1:41pm

What do you need to create the perfect gym, so you can exercise at home?

Home gym

A home gym is the best alternative to expensive gym memberships and being forced to share equipment. You can control the temperature, towels and time limits. In addition, a home gym lets you focus on your ideal workouts without distractions or annoying bystanders. If you are ready to create a gym in your house, then consider the following tips.

Pick a room with windows and mirrors

Research shows that having a green view from a window can improve concentration and help you overcome stress. Being able to see nature is important, so you want to pick a room in your house that has exterior windows. In addition, you need mirrors to watch your posture and keep track of your progress. Some experts recommend dedicating an entire wall to full-length mirrors, so you can see your technique and reduce your chances of injury.

Get an elliptical for cardio

An elliptical machine gives you a powerful cardiovascular workout in less than 30 minutes. Although some prefer the treadmill (see treadmill reviews here), research shows that an elliptical actually raises your heart rate more. In addition, you can read and multitask while you exercise, or use the opportunity to do arm exercises instead.

As you look at elliptical reviews, you want to consider the features, comfort, build and resistance. An elliptical machine is easier on your knees, back, hips and overall body than a traditional treadmill. This makes it more versatile in a home gym, so every member of your family can benefit from it.

Get a sturdy exercise mat

An exercise mat will allow you to do a variety of exercises on the floor in comfort. Although you may think a yoga mat may be enough, the texture and thickness may be better in an exercise mat. It is important to consider how you will use it and evaluate both types. The key features you will need to examine are a sturdy construction, comfortable surface, necessary thickness and resistance to pressure. You also have to consider the style and patterns since you will be using the mat frequently in your home gym. An ugly pattern or color can distract you from working out.

Get a set of dumbbells

You need dumbbells in your home gym because they can be part of a variety of exercise routines. The key is to find ones that are compact and easy to use. You may want to consider getting adjustable dumbbells since they tend to be more popular for home gyms. These type of dumbbells can become lighter or heavier by adding plates, so you will have to store less equipment.


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Get resistance bands

Every home gym should have a set of resistance bands. They are more versatile than free weights and give you a greater range of exercises that is comparable to traditional weightlifting according to research. In addition, these bands are lightweight and easier to store than a large number of weight machines. It is possible to have progressive resistance and free movement with the bands. They can also help you increase muscle strength and decrease body fat.

Get a stability ball

A stability ball is a great addition to a home gym because it can help you work on your posture and improve your balance. This simple equipment gives you correct spine alignment, so you can reduce back pain. In addition, research shows that a stability ball can improve your circulation, work out your core, burn more calories and give you energy. It is an inexpensive addition that you can also use in other parts of the house such as a home office because it can replace chairs.

Get foam rollers

Although many home gyms do not have this type of equipment, you want to put it on your list. Foam rollers are a cheap way to get instant muscle relief if you suffer from knots or tension. You can use them to massage your muscles, work on trigger points, challenge your body, make the core stronger and improve your stretches.

Other equipment to consider

You have the ability to create a home gym that fits your unique needs and style. You may want to add a treadmill or pull up bar to your list of necessary equipment. You may also want to consider kettlebells, rowing machines and other specialized items. Additionally, many homeowners choose to purchase gym systems such as the Total Gym, Bowflex, Powerline and others that combine several stations. These systems include bench presses, lap bars, ankle straps, weights, leg curlers, arm presses, pulleys and other parts.

Do not forget your gym clothes


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