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Clif Bar makes all Luna bars gluten-free with recipe changes

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Clif Bar announced it has changed its entire line of Luna bars to make them gluten-free. The official statement reveals that the oats are now organic and gluten-free, so the labels are changing. Luna protein bars were already manufactured without gluten, but the company has expanded its recipe adjustments to the entire production line.


The gluten-free food industry continues to grow, and Clif Bar is not letting the opportunity slip away. After reformulating its Luna bars, it announced they were now made without gluten and would be available for $1.39 each. The company’s new versions of the Luna bars feature a bright circle on the packaging that proclaims they are gluten-free.

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Despite the changes, if you are sensitive to other food allergens, then you will want to check the labels. Clif Bar promises that Luna does not have hydrogenated oils or genetically modified ingredients. However, Luna bars can contain nuts, soy and milk. In addition, they are made with gluten-free organic toasted oats, and some people with celiac disease cannot tolerate oats in any form.

The celiac disease community has another option in grocery stores with Luna bar flavors ranging from chocolate peppermint stick to white chocolate macadamia. Most of the bars have 8 to 9 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and 12 to 13 grams of sugar. Clif Bar’s Luna line is not the only choice, and gluten-free bars are also available from Glutino, KIND, PureFit, Enjoy Life and other brands. You can also make your own versions at home by following the recipe from Betty Crocker which requires 3 hours to make and serves 36. With some white vanilla baking chips, butter, walnuts and a few other ingredients, you can have your own bars.

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