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Chiropractic adjustments connected to strokes in new warnings

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Chiropractic adjustments and stroke

The American Heart Association has released new warnings about chiropractic adjustments and has provided a list of important symptoms to consider after visiting a chiropractor. The risk of an arterial tear is possible during these adjustments, so the association wants patients to be informed about potential strokes.

Visiting the chiropractor and getting a stroke

In a new statement, the American Heart Association states that there is a potential link between chiropractor adjustments and strokes. Although the organization is careful not to make the link sound like a cause and effect relationship, patients need to be aware of the risks. According to several studies, it is possible to experience serious side effects such as an arterial tear from having neck manipulation done by a medical professional.

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The American Chiropractic Association has addressed this potential link in the past, but it believes the current studies do not show a strong association. More research is needed in this area, and chiropractors are concerned the statement from the American Heart Association will scare people instead of warning them. Although both groups believe patients need to be aware of the risks and symptoms, the American Chiropractic Association does not want people to be afraid to seek help or view chiropractic adjustments as dangerous.

Stroke warnings

It is possible to experience a stroke immediately after visiting a chiropractor, but delays of several days have also been seen. This is why the American Heart Association wants patients to keep the following symptoms in mind and get help if they appear. If a person begins to experience dizziness, double vision, nausea, problems talking and other issues, then medical treatment may be necessary. It is also important to inform medical staff about any recent visits to chiropractors or other professionals because this information could help them.

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