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Check out these strange ways to lose weight

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Weight loss is a trendy topic, and many people would love to lose a few extra pounds. However, this topic’s popularity means that the same tips, techniques and strategies are often repeated in different ways. What if you have tried all of the advice to no avail? It may be time to start implementing some unconventional and strange weight loss tips to reach your goals.


1. Switch to wrapped candies

While cutting out candy is the best solution, you can start by changing how you eat candy as you slowly eliminate it from your diet. According to a recent study in Appetite, people eat 30 percent less candy when they have to unwrap it themselves. The task seems to discourage you from mindless eating, and the empty wrappers can serve as reminders of all the sugar you have consumed.

The logic behind this weight loss tip is simple. “If you are paying attention to one thing and just continuing to dip into the candy bowl, you’re going to have eaten a lot of candy before you wake up and realize how much you’ve eaten,” says registered dietician Alexia Lewis. “So, having to pause and unwrap the candy and make a conscious decision to eat the candy just makes you aware that, 'Oh, I'm unwrapping my fifth piece of candy. Maybe I should turn away from that for now.’”

2. Repaint your walls

This may sound like a strange idea, but people have benefited from it. The colors of the walls in your home may actually impact your tendency to gain or lose weight. This is because colors elicit different emotions that subconsciously impact how we approach things like eating and exercising.

The colors red and yellow have been linked to increased appetite, and this can lead to weight gain. On the other hand, muted colors such as beige and caramel can create energy, light and warmth in the home while green can create a calming sensation. If you want to stop adding extra pounds, then repainting the red or yellow walls may help.

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3. Eat spicy, stronger smelling foods

You do not have to cut out flavor when you are on a diet. According to one study, eating foods with strong aromas and extra spices actually leads to smaller bite sizes, which is linked to the sensation of feeling fuller sooner. The study suggests that eating foods with garlic, onion and similar ingredients can result in a 5 to 10 percent decrease in caloric intake per bite.

4. Buy a digital scale and use it often

While there is nothing wrong with a standard scale, as long as it works properly, a digital scale is better. The reason for this is that standard scales are easy to misinterpret. You can easily overlook a pound or two or even three. A digital scale, on the other hand, gives you the exact number to the fraction. This can keep you motivated by showing you when you have lost half a pound or even three-quarters of a pound, which is something you would not notice on a normal scale.

The second step to this is to use the scale often. Multiple research studies show that people who weigh themselves more often are more likely to lose weight quickly. The logic behind this is that if you are constantly weighing yourself, you feel more urgency to lose those extra pounds.

Weight loss with a twist

Although these suggestions may be strange and unconventional, thinking outside the box may be the key to your weight loss. You may want to consider these techniques and think about how to shift your approach. If you have been trying to lose weight the traditional way without successful results, then it may be time to try something different.