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Celiac disease travel tips for New York

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The gluten-free diet does not take a vacation, and people with celiac disease are forced to search for the right accommodations, so their health is not compromised during a trip. Fortunately, New York offers several options that make traveling with celiac disease easier. There are businesses that cater to food allergies and are celiac friendly.


One of the issues people with celiac disease discover during their travels is related to hotels and rentals not understanding their condition and allowing cross-contamination to occur. They either fail to provide gluten-free food or contaminate the room and other areas with gluten-containing items. However, growing awareness about celiac disease has resulted in more companies and individuals catering to travelers’ needs.

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Research and calling ahead are essential for finding accommodations appropriate for celiac disease travelers. Companies like NewYorkStay give you the ability to see contact information before booking and the chance to discover if your gluten-free diet will be easy to follow by staying in that location. They include hotels, apartments, bed and breakfasts, rentals and hostels on the list, so you should explore multiple options.

You should try to speak to a manager or chef before eating at a hotel restaurant or ordering from room service and explain your celiac disease needs. Many locations in New York are happy to make changes for someone who needs gluten-free meals while avoiding contamination. They usually request notification before you arrive and a reminder after you have checked in, but this is why planning ahead is crucial. The Hotel Elysee is a perfect example of a business that has learned to meet its customers’ unique needs by offering gluten-free options and having knowledgeable staff who understands the importance of avoiding contamination with the protein. They only ask to be notified ahead of your arrival that you need these special accommodations.

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