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Celiac disease travel advice for gluten-free food in Munich

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If you are traveling to Munich and have celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, then you should be aware of some of the safe locations to eat. Visiting the city during Oktoberfest is a challenge for people who require a gluten-free diet, but it is still possible to enjoy the festivities and eat a delicious variety of foods. Tourists who plan to visit Munich during other times of the year can also find gluten-free options.


You can find gluten-free beer and food in Munich by searching in the right locations. Ristorante Il Salento offers a gluten-free menu with beer that is safe for people who cannot have gluten, and the chef suffers from celiac disease. You can enjoy the restaurant’s pizza, pasta, lasagna, tiramisu and a long list of other delicious items. If you are looking for a celiac disease friendly breakfast, then MunichEscape recommends going to the Hotel Monaco. The breakfast buffet only costs 8 euros, and the hotel can also provide dairy-free items.

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Travelers searching for authentic Bavarian food that is gluten-free may want to visit the Gasthof Obermaier restaurant. It offers a menu filled with gluten-free items that include schnitzel, salads and beer. In addition, the Gratitude Restaurant in Munich labels itself as a modern eatery and offers gluten-free, vegan, organic and vegetarian options.

If you are traveling to Munich for Oktoberfest, then you should be aware that it is not easy to find gluten-free beer at the typical outdoor stands and tents. Most of them simply do not offer this choice, and you will have to turn to a limited number of local restaurants that carry it. You may have more look finding gluten-free food during Oktoberfest because more food vendors are becoming aware of celiac disease. However, the German Coeliac Society does not want people to feel left out, so it hosts its own gluten-free Oktoberfest.

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