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Celiac disease tips for making bread at home

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Gluten-free bread

Bread is a diet staple, but people with celiac disease cannot grab the first fresh French baguettes they see in the stores. The bread must be gluten-free. Unfortunately, it is often much more expensive than the wheat, rye or barley versions, and taste is sometimes an issue. This is why some people have turned to making their own bread at home.


There are many recipes online for gluten-free bread, and it is important to experiment with several of them and try different flours. Each brand of flour has its own unique taste once it is baked. The following tips will help you create better homemade bread without gluten or a bread machine.

One of the most important tips for baking better bread is to invest in a good thermometer. It can be used for other meal preparations, but it can help tremendously while making bread. Many people get frustrated with the process because the loaves turn out too dry or too gooey, so it is important to measure the internal temperature and try to reach about 200 to 206 degrees Fahrenheit.

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A second important tip is to have room temperature ingredients because it will be easier to bake with them. Third, xanthan gum is an important ingredient that can help make gluten-free bread better. It is a useful binding agent made from corn, but guar gum can also be used as a substitute to make the bread stick together if it is not available.

Most cooking experts recommend using a mixer for gluten-free bread. It addition, many bakers suggest becoming comfortable with a recipe before making drastic changes. It is easy to believe substitutions will improve a recipe, but the results are not always successful. Baking can be a fun family project, so you may want to consider allowing the older children to help.

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