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Celiac disease symptoms list needs updates

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The classic list of celiac disease symptoms is no longer enough, and a new study reveals that the list needs to be updated. During a diagnosis, the focus tends to be on gastrointestinal problems, but there is a wide range of other issues that cannot be ignored. Doctors and patients must learn that the list of symptoms can vary greatly from person to person.


Celiac disease tends to be associated with symptoms related to the gut, yet researchers from Italy report that this is not the case for every patient. Diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, bloating and pain are not enough to diagnose some patients because they are experiencing other symptoms. After collecting data on 770 patients, researchers discovered that many of them were suffering from anemia, osteoporosis and other disorders that could be linked to celiac disease. Moreover, many patients did not have any type of a gastrointestinal problem but had other health concerns.

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The study reveals that the symptoms are changing in the celiac disease community with time. The disorder appears to be developing new problems for patients. Osteoporosis, anemia and miscarriages are becoming more common among people who have celiac disease, and this is a significant shift from previously recorded symptoms.

It is estimated that 80 percent of the people with celiac disease are being overlooked or misdiagnosed. The wide range of symptoms complicates the issue, and some people do not experience any symptoms at all. If you believe you may have this disorder, then it is important to consult a doctor and get tested first. The gluten-free diet is recommended after a diagnosis and not before. Unfortunately, some people may find it difficult to get an accurate diagnosis, so you must continue to seek out other medical professionals and get answers.

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