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Celiac disease apps help create gluten-free meal plans

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Celiac Disease App

Technology has made shopping and planning the daily menu at home easier for people with celiac disease. Smartphone apps can make the entire process better and help you identify gluten-free items quickly, so you can plan the meals with ease. Although new apps continue to be added to the online stores, there are several that have received positive reviews.


Apps for people who are on a restricted diet can vary from paid to free versions, but many feel the small investment is worth it. The technology can provide peace of mind while shopping along with reviews from other users to help you select the best groceries for your meal plans. It is estimated that 30 percent of all smartphone users download apps, and they tend to keep the ones they like long-term.

The Gluten Free Freedom app is available for Android phones and provides a barcode scanner you can use in a store. It immediately informs the smartphone user if the product has gluten. The developers have color-coded the results and made green the gluten-free safe color. Yellow means that the item could have gluten while red means it definitely has gluten.

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Gluten-Free Groceries by Triumph Dining is available for Apple, and the company has other apps that may interest people with celiac disease that work on Android. This app is more expensive, but it provides a list of 30,000 products and has them categorized by brand. It allows you to check if the grocery items are gluten-free and see if they are produced in dedicated facilities. People with extreme sensitivity to gluten can easily discover if the product has a chance of being contaminated.

The GlutenFreeMe app will work on an Apple device and lets you search a database of 20,000 products. It also gives you company information about the brands while allowing you to connect with them to ask questions. The developer has added a glossary and allows users to submit suggestions for new products to add to the database.

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