Can a vegan diet help fibromyalgia patients?

Fibromyalgia is a disease without a cure, but some patients have found relief by adjusting their diets. The vegan diet is a popular choice among many fibromyalgia sufferers. There is research that indicates switching to a raw vegetarian diet can help some patients feel better.

A study from researchers in the United States found that a vegan diet can help some fibromyalgia patients. The participants agreed to follow a raw vegetarian diet that consisted of fruits, vegetables, juices, nuts, seeds and tubers. After two months, they reported a significant reduction in their chronic pain and improved mobility.

The raw diet is not easy to follow for many patients because it is a drastic change from their usual eating patterns. However, researchers believe it can help some patients increase energy, reduce pain and improve sleep. The participants in the study had support from the researchers in the form of diet plans, books and videos. This is an important part of the process that is often overlooked by people who try a vegan diet on their own. Joining support groups and finding resources should be part of the process because it increases the chances of success.

The study participants received juicers to make their own healthy concoctions at home. This is another significant step that should not be overlooked. Prepackaged juices are expensive and filled with sugar, so making your own products at home is better. The raw vegetarian diet requires you to give up processed and cooked foods to focus on fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, sprouts, herbs and spices. Juicers, blenders and mixers will quickly become your friend. Although the diet is not easy, and temptation is hard to avoid, some fibromyalgia patients reported a better quality of life by following it.

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