Can bone broth help fibromyalgia?

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Bone broth is the latest food trend linked to health benefits, and it is appearing on more restaurant menus. Although Brodo in New York City charges $9 for a large plastic cup of the broth, the recipe is simple to duplicate at home. In addition, some patients and medical experts believe it can help fibromyalgia.


Drinking bone broth is being described as indulging in the latest health beverage, but it has been around for centuries. The basic recipe to make it requires boiling animal bones for hours with your favorite herbs or spices and straining the final product. If you are on a budget and cannot afford the $9-cups, then use Brodo’s chef Marco Canora’s recipe for bone broth made with chicken and beef to recreate the item at home.

Dr. Liesa Harte believes bone broth should be part of a modified diet for fibromyalgia patients. She recommends avoiding dairy, gluten, nightshades, caffeine, sugar, alcohol and processed foods. However, she wants patients to add bone broth, salads, salmon, protein, juice, probiotics and prebiotics to their diets. Dr. Harte suggests drinking bone broth once a day for 30 days, and then reducing the amount consumed. She believes the broth can help fight leaky gut and inflammation while improving the immune system.


Dr. Daniel Pompa also recommends using bone broth and considers it an ancient healing tool. He traces the history of the broth back to Egypt and points out even fish bones can be used to make it. The broth helps digestion, but this is not the only benefit. Fibromyalgia patients claim the collagen in the liquid also helps their hair, skin and bones.

The broth has caught the attention of Hollywood with eager stars trying to turn it into the next green juice. Gwyneth Paltrow is already recommending it as part of her detox diet plan. The Los Angeles Lakers have been including bone broth in the players’ diets for years, and the Lakers’ support team members Dr. Cate Shanahan and Tim DiFrancesco believe it helps joints, bones, healing and overall health. In Tim DiFrancesco’s eyes, bone broth is liquid gold.

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