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‘Blue Man Group’ changes show for people with autism

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Blue Man and Autism

The Blue Man Group has made special changes to its show, so people with autism can enjoy it. They will be at the Briar Street Theatre in Chicago, and families with autistic loved ones are encouraged to attend. After watching the recent success of the “Lion King” making adjustments to accommodate people with autism, the Blue Man Group is using the same idea.


People with autism are rarely able to enjoy live music performances because of sensory issues. However, the Blue Man Group is aware of these problems and has created a special show for them. Tickets are still available for the Oct. 26 show at the Briar Street Theatre in Chicago. The group has been working with Autism Speaks to make sure the event is appropriate for autistic individuals.

The Briar Street Theatre performance will have less music and fewer lights to help people who are sensitive to these aspects of the show. Similar to the “Lion King,” the show will include special areas for people to relax and escape overstimulation. The lobby will feature these areas and will include chairs, books and other items. There will also be earphones available during the performance for people who need them.

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The Blue Man Group wants people with autism to enjoy the show without worrying about the rest of the audience. The success of this performance may encourage the group to do more shows for autistic people, and the trend could spread to other bands or musicians. The Blue Man Group has already been able to connect with some autistic children because of their nonverbal antics on the stage. They hope that more families will try to bring their autistic loved ones to a performance and allow them to experience the joy of music.

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