Best gluten-free and celiac disease accommodating colleges

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Students who have special dietary requirements often struggle to find accommodations in college. If you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, then it is crucial to find a school that understands and accommodates the gluten-free diet. Udi’s has compiled a new list of colleges that offer gluten-free choices and dining services.


Udi’s has started its own tradition of creating an annual list of gluten-free accommodating colleges across the country. Although the company promises the list is impartial, it is important to note that this brand sells gluten-free items. Udi’s sends a team to each college to inspect the gluten-free choices, dining rooms and other information, so they can select the top schools. The current list includes the University of Connecticut, SUNY Geneseo, University of Michigan, North Carolina State University, Loyola Marymount, University of Colorado – Boulder, Boston University, University of Vermont, The University of Arizona and Auburn University.


The University of Connecticut earned first place on Udi’s list because of the variety of options for students who require gluten-free diets. This university has its own gluten-free bakery located on campus and provides a complete menu of items. It also has a dedicated team, which includes a chef and a dietician, ready to work with students who have special dietary needs. All of the residential units have gluten-free food items, so students do not feel left out.

The other colleges on the list also provide gluten-free menus and special dining areas for students who cannot eat gluten. Some of the features range from additional gluten-free snack baskets at SUNY Geneseo to iPads listing all the ingredients in a dish at North Carolina State University. Although the colleges on Udi’s list make accommodating special diets a priority, this is not always the case at other schools. If you are concerned about your child’s ability to maintain a gluten-free diet while at college, then consider touring the school and discussing the issues with staff.

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