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Avoiding foot injuries during sports

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The new year encourages many people to create their list of resolutions, and fitness tends to be at the top. However, starting a new sport or exercise routine can lead to foot injuries if the proper precautions are not taken. There are several easy tips you can follow to prevent injuries, but you should not hesitate to seek help from a podiatrist for serious problems.


The most common tip is to find comfortable, new shoes that fit your foot type and support your arches. It is important to select shoes created for the sport you are playing, so trying to save money by buying other types is not worth the risk. The wrong shoes can lead to foot pain and injuries, according to a podiatrist in Columbus, Ohio.

Although many people focus on new athletic shoes, they sometimes ignore the socks. You should select socks that wick away moisture while fitting comfortably in your shoes. It is important to break in a new pair of shoes and socks before playing in the actual game, so you can spot any problems. This may take several days or weeks, but it is worth taking the time to do it to avoid foot injuries.

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Another important tip to remember as you start a new sport or exercise routine is to listen to your body and not push yourself too far in the beginning. It takes time to develop new habits, and you cannot expect to run a marathon after only one week of training. You should also examine your feet frequently and seek the help of a podiatrist if you notice any problems.

You may be focused on a new sport, but you should not neglect simple exercises such as stretches. They can increase your flexibility and help you avoid foot injuries. Exercises such as the toe flexor stretch can be done at home in a few minutes, but their impact will last. Foot strengthening exercises should be part of a regular routine that you develop.

You may want to consider the benefits of cross training to avoid injuries. Instead of focusing on one sport, you should explore other options to get a more balanced regimen. This variety is important because it helps prevent overuse injuries while giving your body the chance to benefit from other sports or exercises.