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Autistic teen dies on school bus after seizure: Family sues years later

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An autistic teenager died on a Miami-Dade County school bus after a seizure that was ignored by others near him. The family of Kenneth Pierre Louis claims he did not receive prompt medical care despite the obvious signs of a serious seizure. They are suing the school board, but their lawsuit has been filed two years after the death of the teenager.


Kenneth Pierre Louis had autism and seizure problems, but he was able to attend a local public school in Florida. As he returned home from school in the bus, he began to experience a seizure. The family of the teen and school officials have different accounts of what occurred next.

Louis’ family states that the adults on the bus ignored his seizure and did not provide any type of medical care or call 911. They believe this was caused by his aggressive behavior toward one of them that had happened before the incident. The family thinks that the adults may have been afraid to approach the teenager. However, the school staff has another story that contradicts the family’s statements. They argue that the seizure started as they reached the home of the teen, and they immediately called 911.

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The North Miami High student was taken to a hospital, but he could not be saved. There are many questions that remain unanswered in this case. The family of Kenneth Pierre Louis points out that the bus was late, and the adults could not provide a reasonable explanation for this. They are left wondering if this was related to the teen’s seizure. One of the issues that has been brought up is the family’s decision to file a lawsuit two years after the death of the student. They have not provided an explanation, and there are concerns about collecting evidence at this point.

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