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Autistic boy’s bicycle is stolen: Family wants help

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An autistic boy in Haverhill is missing the chance to enjoy his special bicycle after it was stolen from his family’s yard. Brenda Burns explains that the bike has a custom-made cart for her autistic son, and it is not possible to find another one in Massachusetts. The family hopes the thief will have a change of heart and return the bicycle.


Sawyer Burns loved using the custom-made cart attached to the bicycle because it let him enjoy the outdoors without reminding him of his inability to actually ride a regular bike. However, someone took the bike and cart from the family’s yard, and there are no leads. The family simply wants the bike back for Sawyer and will not ask questions about why it was taken if it is returned.

Sawyer Burns’ grandfather handmade the cart for the bicycle over the course of a year, but he is not able to make another one. His grandfather is too sick to do this type of work right now, and the autistic boy does not have another bike he can use. His brother is also missing out because he used to ride with him. The family estimates it cost $700 to make the cart, and it is not possible to find a replacement. The cart was made from light green materials and included big wheels.

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This is not the first time that autistic children have been affected by bike theft. A center in Colchester, located in the United Kingdom, catering to autism lost all of its bicycles after thieves broke in. However, residents offered to replace the nine bicycles for the children, so the mother in Massachusetts may still get a similar offer. For now, Brenda Burns hopes someone will recognize the bike or bring it back.

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Image: Phil Gradwell/Wikimedia Commons