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Autistic boy hospitalized after school bullying finds support on Facebook

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Christopher Miller has been facing bullies at school in Tennessee on a daily basis. The autistic boy was recently hospitalized because of the bullying, but his family has found a way to help him cope. Their decision to start a Facebook page, titled Hearts for Christopher Miller, may inspire other families to fight bullying with positivity.


Miller is 12 years old, and his recent hospitalization was related to attempted suicide. He faces bullying at school and often has to deal with people mocking him. His mother informed WKRN Nashville that people have spit on his food and on him. It does not appear that school officials have been able to control the bullies who have gone after the autistic child.

Christopher Miller’s family has decided to fight bullying with a positive force by creating a Facebook page for the boy. The Hearts for Christopher Miller page is designed to show Chris that people care about him, and there is a world beyond his Tennessee school. The family encourages people to draw or find a heart to attach to their wrists and photograph it. Then, they can share the image on his page and show him that others are thinking about him.

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Crystal Miller has shared photographs of Chris and the family on Facebook, and one of the images is a disturbing homework assignment. Chris wrote that he cries in the school bathroom, but he tries to cope by counting to 10 or thinking of a happy place. Bullying in school is a problem for many children who are on the autism spectrum, and it is difficult for them to manage it on their own. Although families and sometimes schools try to intervene, it may not be enough. This is why ideas such as creating Facebook pages to show support for a child are important in helping them overcome their challenges.

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