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Autistic boy found in critical condition: Family reveals Peyton Blodgett’s status

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Autistic child found

An autistic boy who disappeared in Baker County was found in the woods, but he is in critical condition. The family of Peyton Blodgett shares the 8-year-old was included in a Florida Missing Child Alert, and an estimated 300 people searched for him. However, his health remains an issue, so he has not been released from a hospital.


Peyton Blodgett was missing for an estimated 50 hours in Florida as his family, police and volunteers searched for him. The 8-year-old has low-functioning autism, and his parents were worried about his ability to survive in the woods alone. They do not believe another person was involved in his disappearance, so the child probably wandered away on his own.

The autistic boy only managed to get a mile away from his house, but authorities believe he spent a great deal of time walking in the woods without a sense of direction. The FBI, police, volunteers, search dogs and helicopters helped find the child. Peyton Blodgett was dehydrated and scared, but a more serious issue became apparent later. He is having kidney problems that have forced doctors to label his current status as a critical condition.

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His mother, Brittany Blodgett, is grateful for the tremendous search effort, but she remains worried about her child’s health. Peyton is not the first boy with autism to go missing, and some cases do not have happy endings. Many autistic children have trouble communicating with others, and their sensory issues can create multiple problems in a setting such as the woods. They sometimes refuse to respond to their names or hide from searchers. In Peyton Blodgett’s case, the massive search allowed people to closely inspect every part of the woods and find the child. However, some families have not been this fortunate.

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