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Autism Birdhouse app helps families track children

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Autism can be overwhelming for some families, and it is not easy to keep track of every change that is happening to a loved one with the disorder. However, the Birdhouse app offers a solution with a digital journal specifically designed for people with autism. It can be used to take notes and keep a list of a child’s behavior.


The Birdhouse for Autism app has been able to secure funding as a startup, and the founders are busy making improvements to the app. It is available for Apple and Android devices for free. In addition, you can use the Birdhouse website if smartphones are not accessible. The app has secured $250,000 in funding that has allowed it to expand the team.

Therapists and doctors sometimes ask parents to keep track of an autistic child’s behavior and take notes about any changes. Although paper and pencil are traditionally used in these situations, the Birdhouse for Autism app provides another option that is faster and easier. The app saves all the data to a cloud, so nothing is ever lost. Additionally, it has multiple activity options that cover a child’s basic daily needs.

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The app was designed by people who have loved ones with autism, so they understand the challenges families face in keeping track of changes. It allows users to record the child’s mood, sleep, medications, meltdowns, food and other daily activities while remembering the most common entries. Each entry has a date and time, so progress can be seen without a great hassle. It is also possible to use it as a schedule reminder, address book or virtual medicine cabinet. The information can be shared with doctors and therapists who may be interested in seeing how a child is reacting to a certain drug or food.

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