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Asda supermarkets join gluten-free guarantee campaign for celiac disease

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There is an international movement to raise awareness about celiac disease, and one organization has found recent success with its campaign. Coeliac UK has signed up Asda supermarkets for its gluten-free guarantee program and hopes others will join. The change brings positive news to people in the United Kingdom while encouraging others around the globe to keep sharing information about celiac disease.


The Coeliac UK charity has announced that Asda will be a part of the gluten-free guarantee campaign. The program asks supermarkets to stock eight essential gluten-free items that are commonly purchased by people with celiac disease. Several other supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose are also working with the organization to improve their selection. The goal is to make grocery shopping easier for people with celiac disease by having more options at one store.

The gluten-free guarantee campaign forces stores to keep several items in stock including bread, pasta, crackers and cereal. The idea came from consumer complaints about having to visit multiple stores to get products without gluten. Although they can purchase vegetables, fruits and meat without problems at most locations, many people with celiac disease have noticed issues with stores not stocking enough gluten-free items or refusing to stock them completely. The charity hopes stores will continue to expand what they offer to people.

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Stores that commit to the campaign are showing people with the disorder that they recognize the importance of their restricted diets and do not want to lose them as customers. It is not easy to convince some supermarkets to stock gluten-free items because management sometimes worries about interest and sales figures. However, this should not discourage people from continuing to raise awareness about the condition and the diet. Celiac disease should not be ignored by grocery stores because an estimated 1 out of every 100 people has the disorder.

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