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Alternative methods to treat sunburns

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Are you suffering from sunburns and wondering how to treat them in a natural way?


Sunburns can be painful, annoying and difficult to eliminate quickly. Although preventing a sunburn is the best option, it is not always easy to avoid one. Too much time in the sun can leave you with skin that is red, blistered and painful, but the following alternative treatment methods can help. You are probably aware that aloe vera can make your skin heal faster, but you may not have it in your kitchen or bathroom, and it is not your only option.

Yogurt for sunburns

Plain yogurt is one of the easiest ways to find relief from painful sunburns, and it is also inexpensive. You can find plain yogurt in grocery stores, and it is not complicated to use it as a sunburn treatment. You simply have to apply it directly to the red skin and leave it on. You may want to remove the excess amounts since it will not absorb completely.

Previous research reveals that yogurt has therapeutic benefits that include fighting sunburns. First, yogurt that comes from your fridge is chilled, so you get a cooling sensation as you apply it to the burned skin. Second, yogurt has properties that help increase the moisture levels in your skin. Third, it has lactic acid that can remove the dead cells and allow your body to restore them.

Compresses for sunburns

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Another easy way to deal with sunburns is to apply different types of compresses to the skin. Researchers have found that cool compresses can help athletes who suffer from sunburns during their games. However, you are not limited to soaking small cloths or towels in cold water. You can also use other liquids to help your sunburn heal faster.

In addition to plain, cold water, you may want to try compresses soaked in oatmeal. They can provide relief because oatmeal has the ability to gently exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells. You can also try a compress soaked in witch hazel since it is an astringent. Witch hazel can fight inflammation, and a small amount will help your skin.

Cornstarch for sunburns

A cornstarch paste will only take a few minutes to make in the kitchen, but it can provide long-lasting relief from sunburns. You simply add enough water to your cornstarch to make a paste in a bowl that is big enough to cover your entire sunburn. You can use your hands or a towel to apply the paste to your skin. The paste will dry, and you can wash it off.

Cornstarch can help eliminate some of the pain and redness of sunburns. If you make the paste with cold water, it can also provide a cooling sensation. If you do not want to make a paste, then consider adding it to a cool bath.

Sunburns are an annoyance, but you can take natural steps to fight them once they appear. In addition to aloe vera, yogurt, compresses and cornstarch are popular alternative treatment options. They are not expensive, and you probably already have them in your kitchen, so you can start the healing process faster.