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Alcohol mixed with energy drinks encourages binge drinking

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New research indicates that mixing alcohol with energy drinks encourages people to drink more and could lead to more binging. The study, published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, reveals that the combination makes people more likely to keep drinking. Researchers believe that the caffeine in the energy drinks may be responsible for the change.

Energy drinks mixed with alcohol create problems

The study mentions that people who mixed energy drinks with alcohol expressed a desire to keep drinking more alcohol. Researchers are concerned this will encourage binge drinking and create other problems. They are particularly concerned about the impact on people who are younger because they are more likely to mix alcohol with an energy drink.

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Despite these findings, the study has limitations and did not track how much alcohol was consumed after the first drink. Although researchers noted how participants felt and if they wanted to keep drinking, more statistics would have been helpful. In addition, the study included Red Bull but did not test other brands of energy drinks mixed with alcohol.

Caffeine’s impact on the drinker

Researchers believe the caffeine in the energy drinks is responsible for the results in the study. In addition, the caffeine prevents people from feeling the full impact of the alcohol by giving them an energy boost instead of making them sleepy. This appears to encourage more drinking, but more research will be required to establish a stronger connection.

Experts hope that people will drink responsibly and pay attention to how they feel after mixing energy drinks with alcohol. They are concerned about the trend seen among college students who combine these ingredients at parties and are warning youth to be careful. Binge drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning, high blood pressure, breathing problems and other issues.

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I guess - maybe? - that's why alcohol mixed with caffeinated beverages have always been popular? (rum and coke for instance)