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7 tricks to avoid weight gain from sweet treats

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How can you stick to your diet when you are surrounded by sweet treats?


It is hard to resist your favorite candy and avoid indulging in delicious sweets. You may be able to stop buying treats in a store, but you have little control over what you are served at a party or other event. If you want to avoid weight gain, then you have to learn the following tricks to stay away from candy.

1. Buy candy that you do not like

It is difficult to not buy your favorite candy while you are shopping. You can see the shiny wrappers on the shelves, and it only takes a second to grab them and fill your cart. However, to control your candy cravings and reduce the number of calories that you consume, you cannot give in to temptation. Instead, if you have to buy sweet treats for a party or as a gift, you can purchase candy that you do not like. You know you will not eat that bag or box before giving it away.

2. Avoid chocolate or chocolate-flavored candy

Chocolate is hard to resist because your brain is wired to enjoy it. Researchers have found that simply seeing chocolate can trigger a response in the pleasure center of the brain. Although chocolate is delicious, it tends to have a large amount of sugar and can sabotage your diet. On the other hand, chocolate has antioxidants. If you cannot stop at one piece, then you want to avoid chocolate and chocolate-based items because candy can become addictive.

3. Eat a full meal before heading out

Before you leave for a party or other event, you have to eat well at home, so you can avoid candy and other carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain. It is best to eat a regular meal that leaves you feeling full because it will help you stop the extra snacking on candy.

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4. Exercise

This is an obvious yet effective solution for dealing with the temptation of candy. First, focusing on a workout can help distract you, so you forget about candy. Second, it can help you burn off the calories from the sweet treats during those times that your willpower fails.

5. Keep candy wrappers with you

Research shows that seeing the candy wrappers as you eat can help you stay conscious of the amount of sugar you are consuming. According to recent studies, you will eat 30 percent less candy if it is in wrappers because you avoid mindless eating. The pile of wrappers on your table is hard to ignore and is a constant reminder of how much candy you eat.

6. Chew sugarless gum

Chewing sugarless gum can help you curb candy cravings. It is important to remember to carry this type of gum in your bag or pocket, so you can fight temptation while you are away from home. You want to grab a piece of gum the next time you see a delicious piece of chocolate that is hard to resist.

7. Try candy alternatives

Alternatives to candy can help you stick to your diet while satisfying your need for a treat. You may want to use your own cookware to make delicious popcorn on the stove that is low in calories but helps you defeat the snacking cravings. In addition, you can make homemade fruit bars and popsicles with fruit. Nuts, seeds, yogurt, berries or jello can help you get past a sugar craving.