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7 natural and easy weight loss tips for diabetics

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Are you trying to lose weight while you deal with diabetes and want a natural way to shed the extra pounds?


For some people, diabetes is a rare thought, a condition that might develop in their late years if they eat poorly. For others, diabetes is a way of life, due to genetics or lifestyle choices. One of the many negative side effects of this debilitating illness is weight gain. Those with diabetes often have a difficult time staying in shape because of the condition. However, there is hope, and you can lose the extra weight.

Diabetes and weight gain

To understand weight gain and diabetes, you must first understand the different types of diabetes and the way insulin shots affect your body. Diabetes can lead to weight gain, but those with type 1 diabetes are more likely to put on extra pounds after diagnosis. Those with type 2 diabetes are often already overweight and must work on losing the extra pounds while taking insulin.

Insulin injections often cause weight gain because the body does not process them as well as it processes natural insulin. The type of insulin you are using can affect the amount of weight you gain, and those on short-acting insulin tend to gain more weight. If you use an insulin pump or inject insulin every time you eat, the number of calories you consume can increase, and your metabolism can slow down.

Losing weight with diabetes

If you notice weight gain because of your diabetes, you are not doomed. There are ways to eliminate the extra pounds and keep them off. The following seven suggestions offer natural ways to lose weight.

1. Exercise more

Exercise can help weight loss, but it often requires more effort to counteract the effects of insulin shots. If you are working out 30 minutes a day and have not seen results, you might need to increase your activity. You want to try exercising 45 to 60 minutes per day instead. Additionally, you want to find more opportunities to walk. You can park farther away at the grocery store and walk to work if possible.

2. Eat more vegetables

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You do not want to look at dieting for weight loss as a constant restriction on what you can eat. You can still eat many things as long as you do it in moderation. You can cut back on carbohydrates and increase your intake of vegetables. This will fill you up without caloric repercussions.

3. Drink more water

Your water intake can also help control your blood sugar levels as well as your cravings. When you drink more water, you feel less hungry and crave fewer foods that will make you gain weight. You want to aim for at least 64 ounces of water per day.

4. Spread out your meals

You probably believe that three meals per day is the right routine to fit the standard work schedule, but this does not work well if you are trying to lose weight. It is better to structure your days with five or six small meals rather than two or three big ones. Most doctors recommend mini meals for diabetics because they help you manage your glucose levels throughout the day. They also control your hunger and keep your metabolism working in order to accelerate weight loss.

5. Join a support group

It is hard to lose weight by yourself, but if you talk daily with others who are going through the same weight loss challenges, you will have an easier time achieving your goals. There are many low-carb programs that come with built-in support groups like Weight Watchers and My Fitness Pal. If you do not want to pay to join a support group, then get help from friends or family. They can work with you to exercise and eat healthy in order to meet your goals.

6. Prevent overeating

With some small changes, you can significantly reduce your propensity to overeat. You want to try easy tricks such as using smaller plates to fit smaller portions of food or ordering dressings for your salads on the side. You also want to brush your teeth after every meal to reduce cravings, wear tight clothing to remind yourself not to overeat, and pick up a stress ball when you get the urge to eat between meals.

7. Only keep healthy snacks handy

Many people reach for packaged junk food because it is convenient and available. If you only keep prepackaged healthy snacks such as bags of carrots, whole wheat crackers or pita chips, then you will avoid the junk food. The key is to not to purchase the packaged unhealthy snacks and to focus on alternative options.