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5 surprising reasons to lose weight

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If you have ever been on a journey to lose weight, you know it takes hard work and dedication to achieve your goals, but there are five surprising reasons that may motivate you.


Weight loss is a $20 billion industry, and it is not going away anytime soon. Despite all of the ads marketing various weight loss products, the main focus is mostly on the numbers. The advertisements want you to know how much weight you will lose with their products, but they do not always tell you the cascade of positive effects losing weight will have on other areas of your life beyond the bathroom scale.

Below are five long-term positive effects losing weight will have on your body and your life:

1. You will feel better physically and emotionally

You have heard people say they feel lighter after releasing stress, and the same idea applies to weight loss. Of course you feel lighter, because you are lighter, but it is more than a physical sensation. When you lose weight, your body functions better, and your brain can process information with more clarity because you have shifted your metabolism enough to allow nutrients to be better absorbed. This leads to more energy, stamina and an increased ability to participate in activities with friends and family.

When you feel better about your body, you have more confidence, and your mood improves as well. Losing weight can make you happier, not because you look good in your high school clothes, but because of how you feel emotionally.

2. You will be supporting your family to develop good habits

While many people believe diseases like obesity and diabetes are genetic, another factor to consider is lifestyle. If multiple people in the same family who eat their meals together have diabetes, it is possible that poor eating habits are the cause rather than bad genes. This does not mean people are not prone to diseases because of their genes, but there are multiple factors that can contribute to a person’s poor health.

It has been shown that people who have healthier habits are less likely to experience disease. However, developing these healthy habits begins at home and starts with the kitchen table. This is why prevention is considered the best medicine, and more programs are focusing on helping families.

In an effort to tackle this issue at the root, the Healthy Legacy Program created by Rush University works to create a legacy of good health by providing classes for women that teach them how to make healthy lifestyle choices. The program focuses on women because they are usually the ones who make the health decisions for the family.

3. You will release toxins stored in your fat cells

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In today’s world, exposure to chemical toxins is almost unavoidable unless you live in a bubble. Often called persistent organic pollutants, they are common in the food supply and environment. Due to the constant exposure to various types of chemicals, your body stores these toxins in fat cells to keep them far away from your vital organs.

The last thing you want is for these toxins to remain in your system. However, when you lose weight, the toxins are released back into your system. While this toxin release will be beneficial in the end, you will want to move them out of your system as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will feel tired, irritable, and you may stop losing weight. Research shows that an anti-inflammatory diet filled with antioxidants can help this process.

4. You will be an inspiration to your family

You feel great when you lose weight because you look better, your clothes fit, and people give you compliments. However, losing weight has a much deeper impact on your life. It sets an example for your family members by showing them what it looks like to have dedication, perseverance and commitment. When people see these qualities reflected in you, they can be inspired by them.

5. You will stop craving foods that are not good for you

If you have watched other people lose weight, you may have noticed their eating habits change drastically. It may seem like they are eating food they do not really like and sacrificing their favorite foods, but that is not always the case.

Studies have shown that when you stop eating processed foods, especially sugar, you naturally stop craving food that is bad for you. As researchers point out, food manufacturers go to great lengths to create additives that will stimulate your appetite, get you addicted and keep you coming back for more.

The truth is, when you change your eating habits, your cravings for unhealthy food naturally diminish. You are no longer connected to the cycle of chemical dependency created by the additives in the junk food.

Eating habits are socially conditioned

You may not be aware of how much your family’s eating habits have shaped your diet as an adult. You may think you are making your own choices, but if you take a closer look, you may find that you tend to prepare your meals the same way as your parents. Perhaps, you even walk down the same aisles in the supermarket you walked with your family while grocery shopping as a kid.

Habits are hard to break, especially when they are subconscious, and habits centered on food are some of the most challenging ones to change. However, once you begin the journey to lose weight, you may be impressed with the numbers on the scale, but your biggest prize will be the way you feel inside as your health is restored.