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5 crazy fad diets that might actually work

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If you have been on the road to weight loss for a long time, you have probably encountered multiple fad diets. The majority of them are simply ploys to make the creators rich through marketing schemes. These diet companies pay celebrities exorbitant amounts to endorse their products and dupe even the most skeptical of consumers into trying their programs, but the customers quickly find out that it is a waste of time, money and effort.


Although many fad diets are failures and are not worth trying, there are some that might actually be effective. It is important to be skeptical of these diets, but you do not want to be too quick to judge some of the crazy-sounding programs. A few of the diets can produce results and help you shed the weight.

1. Insect snack diet

Most people are more worried about exterminating insects than cooking them, which makes this diet a little more difficult than anything else you have probably encountered. However, research shows it may be effective. A UN study reveals that insects are high in nutritional value, and they may help you lose weight.

Research shows that a single four-ounce serving of deep fried crickets, among other varieties of insects, is just 120 calories. They are also high in copper, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron, protein, fiber and manganese. All of these are important nutrients for helping your body function normally. It might seem gross on the outside, but reaching for a handful of deep fried insects instead of a candy bar can help you fight the cravings without the extra calories.

2. Gluten-free diet

Technically, it is not really a fad diet because it is required for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerances. On the other hand, some celebrities and the media have proclaimed it to be a fad because it has been embraced by people who do not have celiac disease or gluten intolerances. However, only about four percent of the population has been diagnosed with the disorder. As a result, some believe that gluten intolerance is not a real condition, and they are not willing to consider this specific diet.

Nevertheless, it can be an effective diet because it requires cutting out gluten, which is found in wheat products and other grains. Although the world of gluten-free alternatives is growing, an avoidance of gluten generally requires omitting white breads, pastas and most junk foods that are known for their high carb content. Cutting down on the total carbs consumed can help your weight loss efforts.

3. Atkins diet

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This diet is perhaps the most famous fad diet, which is why many people avoid it. Since it is popular and highly marketed, many believe it is similar to the other publicized, non-effective diets. However, there are more benefits to this diet than people might realize.

The Atkins diet reduces the number of carbs a person eats each day. In addition, most of the carbs that are allowed must come from vegetables, so your fiber intake increases. Fiber helps carb digestion because it breaks them down quicker and keeps them from turning into straight fat. If you consult a doctor first and focus on increasing your vegetable intake, the Atkins diet can be effective.

4. Mediterranean diet

Many people roll their eyes at the Mediterranean Diet because it significantly cuts down on red meat, increases your intake of fish and limits salt as a flavoring. The rest of the meal plan focuses on eating plant-based foods and eliminating butter.

It sounds bland to many people, but it is helpful for weight loss when approached the right way. If you use the right seasonings, replace butter with olive oil and savor your occasional red-meat days, you can get used to the boring premise of the diet and see significant weight loss with heart-boosting benefits.

5. 3 day diet

This particular diet is not as bad as it sounds, but there is an important warning. You should always do this diet under the direction of a physician because approaching it the wrong way can result in serious nutritional deficiencies. In addition, never do this diet for more than three days because the dramatic restrictions can affect your health.

If you need a quick weight loss boost, then going on a three-day calorie restriction can help you lose up to 10 pounds. It is difficult to get through the three days because your calories are cut dramatically, but doing it can be useful in jumpstarting your weight loss goals. However, this diet should not be used by people with serious health problems and complications. In addition, it is not a long-term solution and may not work for everyone. You must consult your doctor before starting any fad diet.

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