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3 ways to jumpstart your weight loss routine

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Although the time for beach bods is coming to a close, it does not mean you cannot have a weight loss goal for the coming holiday months. Since many people pack on extra pounds around Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, now is the perfect time to consider planning a weight loss routine for the fall and winter months.


You are probably busy planning seasonal travel trips, saving money for gifts and making decor changes while trying to enjoy the fun associated with the holiday season. During this time, it is not easy to adjust your lifestyle to keep your waistline trim. To help you start on the right path, you may want to consider the following three ways you can jumpstart your weight loss routine today in preparation for the coming winter months.

Take a Daily Multivitamin

In order to stay healthy, your body needs a certain amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients every day. To give your body what it needs, Shape.com recommends everyone take a multivitamin daily.

Depending on your dietary needs, you may want to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the best multivitamin for you. Multivitamins are available in a wide variety of forms and flavors, so you have the chance to find ones that you will enjoy taking. By consuming a multivitamin every day, you will ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs.

Use Food to Boost Your Metabolism

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If you want to boost your metabolism while jumpstarting your weight loss routine, you can actually use food to help you. Prevention.com states that by eating five small meals a day, instead of three larger meals a day, you can help keep your metabolism high. Although this may seem counterintuitive, the science behind the idea of more small meals makes sense for your weight loss-driven body.

By keeping your calorie intake consistent all day long, you will help keep your blood sugar levels even. In addition to better insulin control, you will store less fat in your body. Your metabolism will improve and help make your diet and weight loss plan work as effectively as possible.

Make Large Changes Slowly

If you are starting a new diet or exercise routine, the huge life change may not result in immediate success. To combat this, WebMD suggests those looking to make life changes do it slowly and step-by-step. Even if you are only able to follow your new routine 80 percent of the time, you will still see major improvements in your life, according to WebMD. Once those smaller changes have become natural and normal, it will be easier for you to add more healthy routines to your new lifestyle.

To begin adding these smaller changes, you may want to consider simply getting more sleep at night, drinking more water during the day or moving around more during your daily activities. If you can begin to institute these small changes, it will be easier to be consistent with other changes that will positively affect your health.

Creating healthy habits by starting a new diet or weight loss routine can benefit all aspects of your life including your physical health. By using the three tips above to help jumpstart your new routines, you will begin to see small, important changes that will increase your happiness and health.